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The ’Cross Racer’s ‘Cross Bike

Bring on the tempests. Bring on the muck. Bring on the drops, the roots and the ruts. The PDXCX begs for it all. Born in the heinous mud of the Pacific Northwest and bred on the technical courses of the Cross Crusade, it’s a cyclocross race machine. This is a ‘cross racer’s ‘cross bike.

Drawing inspiration from classic Belgian cyclocross bikes, the PDXCX adds modern touches of refinement to those traditional frame designs. We purpose built the fourth iteration of this frame to power through the mire and greasy corners with precise stability. Bottom Bracket height and short chainstays are optimized to improve handling and snap while preserving the nimble characteristics that make the geometry a perfect race setup. The ovalized top tube and oversized head tube stiffen the front end for the confidence and precision to nail the perfect line. The bike is designed nail the apexes and slam through ruts all the way to the finish line.

As modern hydraulic brakes have become more reliable, internally routed brake lines are less of a hassle than they used to be due to the reliability of the equipment. All Sage bikes now use internal routing for our brake lines but for those who still want the ease of maintenance with an externally routed brake, we can accomodate that.

All Sage bikes now come with our custom designed 3D printed titanium dropouts that are T-Type compatible. Using these 3D printed components allows us higher quality control for the brake mounts, alignment, and they are considerably lighter than a standard dropout setup

The bike is bombproof and built to withstand the most diabolical racing and riding conditions. The titanium construction offers a much higher strength-to-weight ratio compared with other metal frames, and the 3/2.5-titanium alloy tubing has exceptional corrosion resistance. Blast every nook and crevice with the power washers—this bike will thrive and shine, not wither and rust. In the event of a scuff, fear not! The raw industrial finish is one of the most durable and repairable of titanium finishes. Any scratches can be buffed out with a Scotch-Brite pad, restoring that lusty, like-new sheen to this burly beauty.

Available in standard geometries or as a custom frame.  For more information please contact Sage at SageTitanium.Com or the Sage experts of Lakeside Bicycles by phone (W-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, or Sun 12-5) at 503-699-8665 or by email at

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