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Why should I buy a titanium bicycle?

Titanium bikes have been around for a long time but most people are unaware of the benefits of a titanium bike. You may have heard that they are “soft” or flexy as that was the case back in the 90’s. Modern, high end titanium bikes give nothing away to modern carbon bikes. They don’t ride quite as harsh as a carbon bike can, give titanium a chance and you will find their ride characteristics to be sublime. Titanium smooths out the road.

Another importand point  is the ROI (Return On Investment. If you are paying $15K for a complete titanium bike (or more), that bike is going to last them for 20 years without a hiccup. Think about how often carbon bikes are replaced. Every 5 years? If that is the case,  that $10K for a high quality carbon bike will end up costing $40K over a 20 year period vs the $15K paided one time for a titanium bike. That is a net savings of $25K over the same lifespan of the bike!

The list below is seven bullet points to keep in mind when thinking about investing in a titanium bike.  Please take a moment and review them, Lakeside Bicycles is convinced that  : is an easy bullet point list to remember when talking with customers. If you can hit 4 or 5 of these points in each sales interaction, you will turn their minds over. If you can get them out on a test ride, the bike will practically sell itself.

 1. Durability: Titanium is known for its exceptional durability. It's highly resistant to corrosion and won't fatigue or weaken over time. This makes a titanium bike well-suited for long-term use and rough riding conditions.  Your titanium frame is never going to rust or weaken over time.

2. Weight: Titanium is lighter than steel, which can make a difference in terms of overall bike weight. If you prioritize a lighter bike for faster acceleration and climbing, titanium is an excellent choice. While high end carbon fiber frames can be  lighter than titanium, in terms of rugged durability titanium is clearly superior.

3. Ride quality: Titanium frames are praised for their excellent ride quality. They offer a smooth and comfortable ride due to their natural shock-absorbing properties. If you prioritize comfort on long rides, a titanium frame is likely to be your best choice. Steel has a similar ride quality/ feel to titanium. But modern steel frames come in two categories:  Inexpensive, beefy frames which are hastily manufactured or Expensive, hand made bespoke frames that cost a fortune.  If  you are familiar with the rice quality of high end steel bikes, you aready “get” how a titanium bike rides as well.

4. Longevity: Titanium frames typically far outlast carbon fiber frames. You won't need to worry about issues like delamination, which can occur with carbon fiber frames over time. It is quite common for a rider to own and ride a titanium bike for 20+ years. There is a reason they are known as “Forever bikes”.

5. Repairability: Titanium can be readily repaired if it's damaged, while carbon fiber and steel can be more challenging to repair. This can be a significant advantage if you plan to keep your bike for a long time and want the option to fix it if needed.

6. Maintenance: Titanium requires less maintenance than steel because it is virtually impervious to corrosion. Steel frames, even stainless steel frames may need more attention to prevent rust, especially if you ride in wet or salty conditions.

7. Customization: Titanium frames can be custom-built to your exact specifications. This allows you to get a bike that perfectly fits your body and riding style.