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Service Rates

Service Rates

This is a fairly complete, but not comprehensive fee schedule for bicycle repairs at Lakeside Bicycles.  Where ever possible we will offer to perform repairs while you wait, service which can normally be offered on this OUT THE DOOR basis are highlighted in yellow.  We offer several bundled packages of repairs at a significantly lower final cost than the sum of the individual charges, however bundled repairs will need to be left at Lakeside Bicycles, at least over night.

We base our charges on the "Sutherland Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics"   This means that our charges are based on our hourly rate multiplied by a documented standard for how long it should take a trained bicycle mechanic to perform each task.  We thought you should know.

We hire only trained mechanics who are required to undergo further, formal training as it becomes available from Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM. Park, or other qualified sources.  Our mechanics start out good, and get better and better.  

We do take appointments for repairs at no additional charge.  We ask you to please make arrangements with the mechanics at 503-699-8665 and that you bring your bicycle in the day before the repair is due.

Service and Pricing Policies:

  1.  The price list published here assumes that any parts employed in performance of that service are purchased from Lakeside Bicycles. When the customer provides parts, those prices are the minimum we charge and do not include charges for additional time spent or materials used as a result of attempting the repair using third party parts. Those additional charges are calculated on a time ($85/hour) and materials basis.
  2. Bicycles are composed of roughly 1,000 parts, most of them moving.  The estimates we make at the time we write service, while usually accurate, on occasion will not catch problems which reveal themselves during service.  In the event we do uncover further problems we will attempt to call the customer to explain the nature of the problem and obtain approval for additional costs.  Should we be unable to reach the customer for approval, service on the bike will be halted until such approval is obtained.
  3. Due to their complexity, Bicycles are designed and manufactured with a highly integrated, carefully made selection of parts in order to function reliably, safely, and comfortably.  Making changes to the components spec'ed on a bicycle or selecting components used in a "custom build" should only be carried out with great caution and a clear understanding of which components are appropriate and will fuunction properly and safely together.  Complete bicycles which have been modified by or assembled by people other than those authorized by the manufacturer are not only typicall deemed to be out of warranty, but can exhibit unexpected behaviors which can add considerably to repair bills.
  4. Lakeside Bicycles does not perform service on bicycles which will leave the shop in a condition we know to be unsafe.
  5. Lakeside Bicycles will refuse to perform service in cases where restrictions imposed by the customer will, in our opinion, result in an unsatisfactory outcome.  
  6. Warranty service on parts or bicycles purchased from vendors other than Lakeside Bicycles will be performed on a time ($85/hour) and materials basis.  That includes time spent in conversation with manufacturers or distributors of those parts , packaging and shipping costs, costs of disassembly and assembly, and any other costs which might accrue during the servicing of that part or bicycle.

Drive Train

Derailleur Adjustfront$20
Derailleur Adjustrear$15
Derailleur Replacewith adjust$20
Derailleur Cable Replacefront & rear with adjust$40
Derailleur Cable Replaceeach$20
Cable Installduring tune-up$10
Drop Bar Brake/Shift Lever Replace$50
Ergo Lever Rebuildnot including parts$50
Flat Bar Shifter Replace$50
Drive Train CLeanremove and clean in solvent tank$65
Cassette Cleanin solvent tank$25
Cassette/Freewheel replace$10
Chain Replace/Install$10
Chain Replace/Installduring tune-up$5
Chain Cleanin solvent tank$20
Crankset Replace (2-piece)$20
Crank Arm Replace/Install$10
Crankset & Bottom Bracket installBMX$10
Bottom Brackett Adjust$20
Bottom Brackett Overhaul$45
Simple Bottom Bracket (only) Replace$30
Hard Bottom Bracket (only) Replacesometimes they just don't want to leave




Wheel Build, Basicnew spokes, rim$65
Wheel Build, Complexsalvage spokes or rim$80
Wheel True, Basicwheel is round and not bent$20
Wheel True Hardwheel is out of round or bent$40
Replace Spokeadditonal for exotic spokes, includes truing$30
Spoke Length Calculation$10
Wheelset Installcassette, tires, rim tape, etc.$30
Rear Wheel Installcassette, tire, rim tape, etc.$25
Tube/Tire Install$10 additonal for 120 psi BMX tires or pegs
Tubular Tire Glueincludes cement or tape$50
Tubular Tire Cleanmay be necessary for glue up$30
Hub Adjustfront$10
Hub Adjustrear, includes cassette removal, replace$20
Hub Overhaulfront$30
Hub Overhaulrear, includes cassete removal, replace$45
Hub Overhaul3 or more Internal Speeds
Hub Overhaulcoaster (kick-back) brake$75
Mavic Freehub Clean/Lube$20

Bars and Stem


Handle Bar Tapincludes removal of old tape, does not include tape$20
Handle Bar Re-Tape with old tapewe do not warrent that the old tape will survive$49
Handle Bar Replace
includes taping, does not include tape, grips, cables etc.
Flat Bar Grip Installincludes removal of old grip, does not include grips$5
Aero Bar (clip on) Install$20
Aero Bar with controls Install$80
Raised Handle Bar (with cable replace)$80
Bar End Installhere is a blast from the past, includes grip move$20
Riser/Flat Bar Cut Down$20
Open Face Stem Replacefor single bolt stem, see "Handle Bar Replace"$10



Brake Adjust$15
Brake Cable Replacemay be more for internal cable routings, includes adjustment$15
BMX Detangler Cable Replace$35
Brake Calliper Replacenon-disk, may be more for some vintages, includes adjustment$20
Brake Lever Replace (Road)does not include bar tape (it usually costs more to salvage bar tape than to replace it).
Brake Lever Replace (Mtn.)may require new grips which are not included$30
Calliper Brake Pad Replacesome vintages of cantilever brake will be more$15
Disk Brake Pad Replace$20
Hydraulic Brake Line Bleedincludes materials$45
Hydraulic Brake Installmoving old brakes to a new location may be more$60
Cross (bail-out) Lever Installdoes not include cables if needed$60
Cantilever Brake Installincludes adjustment, even on vintage brakes$30



Derailleur Hanger Alignwe are not responsible if it breaks$20
Frame Align (steel only)we are not responsible if it breaks$30
Water Bottle Boss or other Braze-On Thread Chase$20
Head Tube Face and Chase$45
Bottom Bracket Face and Chase$45
Complete Frame Prep (Face and Chase, etc.)everything we do before assembling a bare frame$120
"Frame Saver" Application, Steel Frames Onlyincludes materials, does not include disassembly of old bikes$30
Seat Tube Reamingcleans seat tube of snags, burs, etc.$30
Fork Alignment Check includes removal and re-installation of fork$65
Fork End Alignment$20
Fork Replaceincludes cutting the steerer$60
Threaded Steerer Tube Cut and Chasedoes not include removal and re-installation of fork$25
Steerer Tube Cutdoes not include removal and re-installation of fork$10
Crown Race Installation$30
Crown Race Facing and Installation$50
Suspension Fork Overhauldoes not include seals or other fork specific parts$80
Headset Replace/Installincludes crown race facing and installation$40
Hedset Cup Install$20
Headset Overhaul$65
Threadless Headset Adjust$10
Threaded Headset Adjust$20
Star Nut Installdoes not include gluing of shims for road forks$10
Crown Race/Cup Removal$10
Crown Race/Cup Removalincluding front end disassembly$30

Accessories and Miscellaneous

Box Complete Bicycle For Shipping$65
Box a Bicycle in a Hard Casebased on the "Trico Iron Case"$30
Aircaddy K9100 Bike Box & BoxingIncludes the re-usable Aircaddy$150
Assemble a Shipped Bikewell shipped bikes may cost less.  $65
Assemble a New Boxed Bikelike the ones we get from our suppliers$65
Pro-Build a Bicycle From Partsincludes frame prep. and a 30 day tune up$300
Riv Nut Replace (each, no drilling)riv-nuts are used as water bottle bosses$15
Computer Installation:
wired w/o cadence$20
wired w/cadence$60
Ergo Brain (havn't seen one of these in years)$150
Flight Deck$80
battery replace & reprogram computer
Training Wheel Install$10
Fender Install:
easy (a well behaved Hybrid or Cross Bike)$30
custom (it can take hours)$80+
clip on, wrap-a-round $20
clip on, easy$10
Pedal Install$5
Pedal Bearing Adjust (Each)$20
Pedal Overhaul  (Each)$30
Install Toe Clips$10
Install Clipless Cleats, basicdoes not include measured cleat adjustments$15