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Lakeside Bicycles

 Top Zen Sayings

Preoccupied with a single spoke, you do not see the wheel.

Which is my favorite bike?  The bike I am riding.

Do not try to not crash.  Be the not to crash.

One does not find comfort by seeking comfort.  The only true path to comfort is in trying many different saddles and in not trying many different saddles.

When you catch yourself slipping into negativity, notice how it derives from friction within your drive train and between your tires and the road.

A bicycle with no wheels is no bicycle.  A doughnut with no holes is a Danish.

The riding of bicycles is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to be children all our lives.

You dropped your partner on a hill.  In what world is this a path to peace?

The truth of Zen is the truth of riding, and riding means to ride, to move, to act, not merely to coast.

The importance and unimportance of which bicycle can not be exaggerated.

Ride as if you are kissing your pedals with your feet.

The point of the bicycle is to ride.  But you will never understand the bicycle, or the ride, if you measure them by your own yardstick.

The love of riding is religion, and that religion is poetry, these three things are one.  This is the unspoken creed of bicyclists.

Beyond all reason is the mystery of cycling.

One who trains is powerless, one who rides is power.

To enter the way of cycling is to cast away the distinction between training and riding and to cast away the mind that says "This is riding and that is training"

Ride through the world, and embrace each detail even as you embrace the whole.

No praise.  No blame.  Ride.

A junior filled with emotion and crying implored, "Why is there so much suffering?" The coach replies "lactic acid".

Do not mistake pedaling for riding, and do not mistake riding for training.

If a person's character is not clear, look at their bicycle.

The junior is discouraged and says "what should I do?"  The master says "ride."

To know the road ahead, check Google Maps.

One spoke alone, no matter how strong, does not make a wheel.

If you have time to be mindful, you have time to ride.

The quieter your drivetrain, the more you are able to hear.

Before enlightenment I rode,  after enlightenment I rode.

Zen is found in other people, even those who do not ride.

Each ride is a blossom to be viewed with a curious spirit.

There is no coach who is your coach.