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While-You-Wait Fee Schedule:


Repair Categories =>  Drive Train Wheel/Tire/Tube Bars and Stem Brakes Frame/Fork/Headset Accessories/Miscellaneous


at Lakeside Bicycles we get our mechanics young.This is a fairly complete, but not comprehensive fee schedule for While-You-Wait bicycle repairs at Lakeside Bicycles.  Wherever possible we will offer to perform repairs while you wait. "Wherever possible" explicitly means that we will be uable to make promises prior to personally confirming that an out-the-door repair is actually possible.  We offer several bundled packages of repairs at a significantly lower final cost than the sum of the individual charges, however bundled repairs will need to be left at Lakeside Bicycles, at least over night.

We base our charges on the "Sutherland Handbook for Bicycle Mechanics"  and an hourly rate of $120/hour.  This means that our charges are based on our hourly rate multiplied by a documented standard for how long it should take a trained bicycle mechanic to perform each task. 

We hire only trained mechanics who are required to undergo further, formal training as it becomes available from Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM. Park, or other qualified sources.  Our mechanics start out good, and get better.  

We do take appointments for repairs at no additional charge.  We ask you to please make arrangements with the mechanics at 503-699-8665 and that you bring your bicycle in at least the day before the repair is due.  

Drive Train

Derailleur Adjust front $20
Derailleur Adjust rear $20
Derailleur Replace with adjust $40
Derailleur Cable Replace
with adjust $40
Cable Install during tune-up $10
Chain Replace/Install $10
Chain Replace/Install during tune-up N/C
Chain Clean in solvent tank $30
Crankset Replace (2-piece) $30
Crank Arm Replace/Install $20
Crankset & Bottom Bracket install 2-Piece $60
Bottom Brackett Adjust $20
Simple Bottom Brackett (only) Replace $40


Wheel True, Basic wheel is round and not bent $30
Replace Spoke additonal for exotic spokes, includes truing $40
Spoke Length Calculation $20
Wheelset Install cassette, tires, rim tape, etc. $40
Rear Wheel Install cassette, tire, rim tape, etc. $30
Tube/Tire Install $10 additonal for pegs, or Tubeless
Tube/Tire Install Hub Drive E-Bike $40
Tubeless Tire Liner Install $50, Labor only
Hub Adjust front $20
Hub Adjust rear, includes cassette removal, replace $35
Mavic Freehub Clean/Lube $30


Bars and Stem

Handle Bar Tape includes removal of old tape, does not include tape $20
Flat Bar Grip Install includes removal of old grip, does not include grips $5
Aero Bar (clip on) Install Extra time/materials charge for internal routing
Bar End Install here is a blast from the past, includes grip move $20
Riser/Flat Bar Cut Down $30
Open Face Stem Replace for single bolt stem, see "Handle Bar Replace" $25


Brake Adjust $20
Brake Cable Replace may be more for internal cable routings, includes adjustment $20
Brake Calliper Replace non-disk, may be more for some vintages, includes adjustment $35
Brake Lever Replace (Mtn.) may require new grips which are not included $30
Calliper Brake Pad Replace some vintages of cantilever brake will be more $20
Disk Brake Pad Replace $20
Hydraulic Brake simple "burp" Excuse me. $30


Derailleur Hanger Align we are not responsible if it brakes $20
Frame Align (steel only) we are not responsible if it brakes $140
Water Bottle Boss or other Braze-On Chase $20
Seat Tube Reaming cleans seat tube of snags, burs, etc. $30
Fork End Alignment $30
Threaded Steerer Tube Cut and Chase does not include removal and re-installation of fork $30
Steerer Tube Cut does not include removal and re-installation of fork $20
Crown Race Installation $20
Hedset Cup Install $30
Threadless Headset Adjust $15
Threaded Headset Adjust $25
Star Nut Install does not include gluing of shims for road forks $10
Crown Race/Cup Removal $20

Accessories and Miscellaneous

Box a Bicycle in a Hard Case based on the "Trico Iron Case" $60
Aircaddy K9100 Bike Box & Boxing Includes the re-usable Aircaddy $200
Riv Nut Replace (each, no drilling) riv-nuts are used as water bottle bosses $25
Computer Installation:
wireless $20
wired w/o cadence $30
battery replace & reprogram computer
Training Wheel Install $20
Fender Install:
easy (a well behaved Hybrid or Cross Bike) $35
clip on, wrap-a-round $20
clip on, easy $10
Pedal Install $5
Pedal Bearing Adjust (Each) $20
Install Toe CLips $10
Install Clipless Cleats, basic does not include measured cleat adjustments $30