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Lakeside Bicycles advocates freedom. Starting with your first bike.

One of the great moments in parenting is watching your child ride away, free at last.  Getting there can be intimidating and traumatic for both parents and child.  At Lakeside Bicycles we are firmly opposed to intimidation and trauma, in aid of this, we offer up some coaching which we are sure will lead to a stress free process and lifelong, fond memories for everyone involved.

We have divided the process into the two obvious parts:  Selecting The Right Bike For Your Child and Teaching Your Child To Ride.  Each part includes a lengthy, written section followed by two instructional videos.  By the time you have finished you will be equipped to take your child to Lakeside Bicycles to select with them their perfect ride and, to then go forth in utter confidence to turn them into their inner grand tour winner.

Or you might just treat the entire process as a Holiday of glorious familial social bonding; whatever works best

With all those options, which is the best bike for my kid?  Click this link for help.

Lots of choices, let Lakeside Bicycles help:

We have the perfect bikes, we should probably learn to ride.  Click this link for some advice:

The Lakeside Bicycles Kid's Bike Catalog:

The Von Trapp children from Sound of Music: