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Lakeside Bicycles is one of the original Campagnolo Pro-Shops.

Professionalism, reliability, competence, and advice: this is what you’ll find when you visit a designated CAMPAGNOLO PRO-SHOP.

What are the Campagnolo Pro-Shops? The Worldwide Pro-Shop Project was developed to provide customers with consistently efficient service that is always in step with the evolution of the Campagnolo range as it grows in performance and technology.

In this perspective, human contributions and experience are essential to ensuring an effective and highly professional service to customers. This is why the Pro-Shop personnel are constantly updated and in close contact with Campagnolo through training courses, technical updates, communications and information on the new products and their proper maintenance.

The selected retailers, immediately recognisable by the special window sticker with an annual stamp showing current validity, represent Campagnolo professionalism at the local level and enjoy preferential treatment for handling returns under warranty and for acquiring spare parts......

Enough of this verbose obfuscation.  We LOVE Campagnolo.  We live with the constant, urgent regret that we were not born Italian so we could identify even further with Campagnolo.  We love Campagnolo so intensely that we have become Campagnolo experts.  We live to share our love with you and, on those rare occasions when everything isn't quite perfect, to make everything Campagnolo that you ever come in contact with perfect.  We know and understand your various SRAMs and your Shimanos.  So what?  Life isn't about bare functionality.  What is life with out a little bit extra?  What is life without Campagnolo.  We are proud and honored to be allowed to participate in the Campagnolo Pro-Shop program and to be allowed to share Campagnolo with you

Lakeside Bicycles has been a Campagnolo Pro-Shop since the beginning.