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Just watch when serious cyclists discuss Colnago frames -- their eyes glaze over and they get this look of desire and want.

Ernesto Colnago has been making frames for over 60 years and produces what are probably the most famous and revered frames in the world. With a Colnago bike, Beppe Saronni won the rainbow shirt at Goodwood and Eddy Merkx built his legend. Magni, Nencini, De Vlaeminck, Motta, Moser, Adorni, Argentin, Lemond, Rominger.. ... are only a few of the great champions who have ridden to glory on Colnago bicycles.

Talk about value. The more we learn about what goes into putting a Colnago under a rider the less we understand about how they sell them for so little. The amount of sophisticated hand work that goes into building and finishing the C64 beggars the imagination. Beginning with getting the nearly unobtainable Torayca carbon to Italy in the first place, continuing to the hand lay-up and the INOX mirror treated cores used in the molding process, and finishing up with hand finishing by irritable Tuscan artists. The C64 should cost twice what Colnago is asking.  If you are worrying about the price of a Colnago compared to other, lessor marques. Stop. Dollar for dollar you will never find a better value.

People used to say that the frame is the soul of the bicycle. But the frame is not there by chance, it is the result of specific assembly work. If you have good raw materials, the right design and accurate, patient assembly work, you will get a wonderful frame - wonderful outside because it's wonderful inside.  First quality tubes, allowed to rest for months, milled for a perfect match, every joint secured with steel pins (9 in all) so that the assembly does not deform when the joints are soldered. This ensures a stress free frame from the very beginning. This is how Colnago has always done its work.

Colnago frames are painstakingly designed, and developed for champions participating in the most competitive races on the professional circuit, or for amateur cyclists who demand the best performance from themselves. Colnago advertises that:

"We at Colnago care for the aspirations of all customers as if they were Tony Rominger chasing the world hour record. In fact, at Colnago there exists no 'racing division'. Colnago IS a racing division."

One does not buy a Mercedes simply to commute.  One does not buy a Rolex simply to tell the time.  There are less expensive options available to do the job.  In the upward trajectory that leads from the Schwinn Varsity the pinnacle is a Colnago.  One buys a Colnago to ride.