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The subtle art of pricing at Lakeside Bicycles, the Portland area's most transparant road shop

Herewith, our Pricing policies (Click here if you want to go right to Returns and Warranties)

  • Everything in the store and on the website that is not on sale is supposed to be marked at MSRP.   If we have priced an item too high, we refund any overcharges and re-tag.  If we price it too low, we honor that price in person in the store until we re-tag. 
  • There are no rain-checks on pricing errors. We can, rarely, be persuaded to give callers a chance to 'come right down' and buy an item at the incorrect price.
  • Prices on the website are set at Manufacturer's Advertised Retail (MAP).  Several of our suppliers (Garmin, Pinarello and Specialized among others) have published wicked serious policies regarding pricing and we don't mess with them.  Neither should you. 
  • In many cases (Specialized) manufacturers require that we list MAPs on-line which are higher than those allowed in the store (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices or MSRP), it pays to call.
  • One place on our website where we are not bound by published prices is in our list of "Closeout Bicycles, Frames and Accessories". Any other prices found on which are below MSRP are in error and will not be honored. 
  • At our discretion we match qualified prices (including any shipping or administrative costs) from legitimate dealers in the brands that we carry.
  • We do not discount labor. 
  • Per-cent discounts on sale items are off of the original price.  All discounted sales are final.

If you come up with something that we havn't thought of, keep it a secret and save it for a REALLY big purchase so you can surprise us and maybe go home with the brass ring.

The pricing on catalogue items listed at has caused some confusion.  There are thousands of items many of which (Specialized's for example) are priced higher than they appear in stores.  In addition  Bianchi, Specialized, Shimano and several others of our most important suppliers prohibit us from selling their products either on-line, by phone or both.  If those are the rules, the only exception is in the event that there are no authorized dealers in your area.  Please call (503-699-8665) or e-mail (info@lakeside.Bikes subject:  "Price Query").

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Lakeside Bicycles merchandise return policies:

Lakeside Bicycles offers only the finest, utterly defect free products and our superbly trained, extraordinarily empathetic sales staff so completely grasp our customers' cycling wants and needs that returns are never an issue.  If a manufacturer slips up, or if you get home and discover that what you needed was a Medium, not an Extra Large (those hours in the saddle really have paid off....), or if those missing gloves turn up in the laundry in the middle jersey pocket.  If something like that happens and you would like to return this or that, we felt it would be nice if you knew the rules.  

Lakeside Bicycles amazingly liberal return policy:

  • Returns need to be un-used and with their original packaging.  "Un-used" means that we can, in good faith, put them back on the sales floor and offer them to someone else as new.  We do not accept returns of shoes which have had cleats installed.
  • Returns must be initiated within 30 days from the date of purchase and be accompanied by the receipt.
  • The transaction fees charged for refunds by credit card companies are usurious, we prefer to make refunds by check and charge a 10% fee for refunds made directly to credit cards.
  • Cash refunds are made on cash purchase of less than $50 and only with a manager's permission.  Refunds are only made to original purchasers.
  • Defective (warranty) items are managed according to the manufacturer's written policies and only during the stated warranty period and must be accompanied by a receipt.  It is the policy of Lakeside Bicycles not to charge for labor or shipping costs associated with processing defective (warranty) items purchased from us, despite the fact that we typically receive no compensation from manufacturers for those costs.
  • In cases where it is unclear that an item is eligible for warranty replacement, Lakeside Bicycles is willing to sell the customer a replacement from stock: refunding the purchase price once the manufacturer makes a decision to warranty replace the item.
  • Lakeside Bicycles is glad to assist customers with warranties for items from our manufacturers but purchase elsewhere.  Those items must be accompanied by a receipt from an authorized dealer, the request to warranty must be initiated during the manufacturer's warranty period  and customers will be charged for shipping and labor costs.
  • Lay-a-way deposits are non-refundable. 
  • Except in cases where a manufacturer requires a non-refundable deposit (custom Peogrettis, for example) Special Order deposits are refundable as long as we can cancel the order prior to the item shipping. 
  • All discounted sales are final.
  • Discounted and closeout inventory receive the same warranty treatment as everything else we sell. 

What Happens if Lakeside Bicycles Screws Up? As a general rule, if Lakeside Bicycles makes a mistake, we own the mistake and will correct it in a manner that minimizes our customers' further suffering. 

On rare occasions Lakeside Bicycles has offerd bad advice (since 1997 we have sold around 25,000 bicycles and had one come back because we got the size wrong).  When you make a buying decision based on informed advice from Lakeside Bicycles, then Lakeside Bicycles owns that advice and will replace an incorrect item with a correct item at no charge.  If we cannot obtain a correct item in a reasonable time we will refund any deposits.  "Informed advice" is advise that has not been biased by incorrect information from the customer or imponderables such as un-diagnosed physical problems, etc.

On special orders, Lakeside Bicycles is responsible for getting the order right.  Lakeside Bicycles does not accept responsibility in the even we are explicitly asked to order an item of incorrect size, incompatible design, of the wrong color, or similar errors when made at a customer's behest.

That sums it up.  Whenever possible we will not force you to keep something you don't like or need.  If we make a mistake we will make it right.  If I have missed something or if some part of this is vague or confusing, I can be reached at info@Lakeside.Bike or by phone at 503-699-8665.

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