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Contacting Lakeside Bicycles Customer Service

How do I contact Lakeside Bicycles?

You can reach a human being at Lakeside bicycles during regular business hours by phone at 503-699-8665.  In the rare event that we don't pick up the phone, please leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Our goal on the phone is to be as responsive as possible,  we are happy for the chance to chat with you until we have answered your every question.  Our answering service is always on and we can always be reached via email at

We aim to respond to all queries as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. In the event we do not have the answer you are looking for we are always glad to look the answer up and get back to you.  As a last resort, we will try to find someone else who can help, even if that means sending you to some other (lessor) competitor.  

Our address is:

Lakeside Bicycles
428 N. State Street
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034


10 to 7 Wednesday through Friday
10 to 6 Saturday
Noon to 5 Sunday
And by appointment.

Our hours do not vary in the off season, however we are closed Christmas, New Years, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  We also frequently close early the day before holidays.  We always place notifications for closures or schedule changes on the website, with our answering service and with amusing signs on the front and back doors.

Has Lakeside Bicycles received my email?

When you first email you will receive an personal reply within 24 hours.  Please use the subject line "Contacting Lakeside Bicycles" and reference any members of the staff with whom you have previously been in contact (if pertinent).

If you do not receive a reply it may mean that we have not received the email correctly and this is probably because your email has been blocked by our spam filter.

If you have emailed us for the first time and not received a reply within 4 hours please try the following:

  • Ensure the email address you are sending to is
  • Use the subject line: Contacting Lakeside Bicycles [and the order number if you have one]
  • In the email use only the text: Please contact me
  • Do not include any attachments

Following these steps should ensure your email is successfully received. We will then get back to as soon as possible and will deal with your enquiry. 

Please note,

  • You will not receive the confirmation message when you are replying to emails we have sent you.
  • Once you have either received a reply from one of our customer service advisers subsequent emails in the same reply-chain should always be received successfully

What if I have a complaint about Lakeside Bicycles?

Since 1997 We have put our every waking moment and every spare penny into Lakeside Bicycles.  Without your good will and satisfaction all of that will have been wasted.  If something has gone wrong, if you have any complaint, criticism or concern about any service or product provided by Lakeside Bicycles we will not allow that situation to go uncorrected.   The first and most important step is to tell us.  Contact us at the address above, by email: or by phone (503-699-8665).  We will acknowledge your concern within 24 working hours and offer a resolution within one week.  Please, don't get angry or frustrated, we will be putting our entire attention to resolving your difficulty as quickly as circumstances allow with no regard to our comfort or the psycological state of our suppliers.