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Pinarello Mercurio T2 Hybrid

The Mecurio is definitely an extraordinary Hybrid bicycle! The Mercury Carbon is a new concept in cycling. Fast and agile with disc brakes: perfect for the city, but it can also become a road bike thanks to its lightness and versatility!

Based on the aluminum Trionfo, the Mercurio features a full carbon, asymmetrical frame that's based on the original Dogma design. Pinarello describes this design as an "asymmetry that creates more symmetry," and its effect on the ride can range from “unnoticeable” to requiring a “slight adjustment” depending on rider sensitivity.

The Mercurio is intended to satisfy a range of cyclists looking for something that has the sleekness and performance of a traditional road bike, while also exhibiting the comfort of a "super-hydrid" or "city" bike. Like the Trionfo, the Mercurio comes equipped with Shimano Sora components, but with Shimano mechanical disc brakes and traditional drop bars.

The carbon Mercurio is available in the 943 (Black/White/Red gloss) color in four sizes for $1,995.  The flat bar, aluminum  Trionfo is available in the same geometry in the 938 (Black/Yellow matte color) for $1,400.  If you have any questions, please contact the Pinarello experts of Lakeside Bicycles at 503-699-8665 or by e-mail at Info@Lakeside.Bike.

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