Handle Bars, Sadldle and Pedals: Points of Contact

Handle Bars, Saddles and Pedals available at Lakeside Bicycles, just south of Portland in Lake Oswego

There is not a lot we can offer regarding handle bars, saddles and pedals.  We stock high quality products, often simply because they work for us.  And there is the rub.  All three of these mission critical components are so personal that there is little or nothing useful we can add to the decision process except that we stock the best we can find.  Virtually every experienced cyclist has a collection of used saddles, handle bars and pedals that never quite measured up, which tells the rest of the story.  Normally we include a pertinent video.  There were hundreds offering  magic formulae for selecting handlebars etc,  none of which were particularly convincing.  Sorry.  To the extent that we can offer test-ride product without going bust, we will.  In the end it is going to be up to you. 

Finally, particularly with saddles:  when you find one that works, buy all of them.  We are still dealing with fall-out from when Selle San Marco made slight changes to the "Rolls".      

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