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Officina Battaglin Portofino

Officina Battaglin Portofino
Battaglin Portofino
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Officina Battaglin: Your Comfortable Ride For One Million Kilometers

Battaglin Portofino:

When Giovanni Battaglin won the Giro-Vuelta double in 1981, he and his teammates rode for 48 days and 7.491 km on steel bikes that weighed more than 8 kgs (17.6 pounds, at that time actually really respectable) and had only 6 gears. It was the only year in history when the Vuelta had no rest days and the Giro started 3 days after the Spanish Grand-Tour finished.  From 1999 the Giro d’Italia course was never longer than 3.600 km – more than 200 km shorter than the 1981 edition.  The same goes for the Vuelta: from 2001 the race route was always shorter than the 1981 edition. How could the riders in the 80s go further than today’s athletes, who ride lighter bikes equipped with better technology?

There might be several explanations for this. But as Giovanni Battaglin often says, those riders could tackle harder competitions because they felt good on their bikes. The level of comfort offered by the lugged steel bikes made in the 80s allowed them to undertake the brutal efforts of those cycling odysseys. Lugs increase the joint area, allowing stresses to distribute over a wider surface and therefore damping vibrations better. In the 80s, lugged construction was the best way to build a race machine. Every bike in the pro peloton was made from skinny tubes and lugs.

Then with larger tubes and new materials, steel lugs quickly disappeared from the market. But even when he gave in to what seemed inevitable and moved from steel to different materials, there was one thing that Giovanni Battaglin couldn’t forget: the smooth feel of those bikes he rode as a pro. No carbon bike could even get close to it. So, when he went back to making steel bikes with Officina Battaglin, a dream took shape in his mind. He wanted to create a new frame that could offer the comfort of the bikes he rode in his racing career. But with the responsiveness and the aesthetics of modern steel frames.

From 2015 he and his son Alex worked for 2 years to develop a special design that no builder had ever done. In 2017, a new frame was born:  For more information about the Battaglin Portofino, or if you would like to begin the process of ordering a frame, you can contact Officina Battaglin direct at: or the Battaglin experts of Lakeside Bicycles by phone (W-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, or Sun 12-5) at 503-699-8665 or email at

Battaglin Portofino: Oversized Comfort

The Portofino is the first steel frame in the world with proprietary oversized lugs designed to fit the oversized Columbus HSS tubing and a tapered steerer.

This unusual combination of modern and traditional is the real secret behind the Portofino’s unique ride feel.

Thanks to the special lugs shapes engineered by Giovanni Battaglin, the Portofino delivers both the responsiveness of modern custom builds and the smoothness of vintage steel bicycles.

With the Portofino, you’ll experience a level of riding comfort that will let you enjoy cycling to the fullest. You’ll get rid of sore muscles and joints because of road vibrations going up your arms, even when sprinting or when adding more time in the saddle. And you’ll finally be able to come back home at the end of the ride without feeling pain.

Battaglin Portofino: Optional Fully Hidden Cable routing

The proprietary carbon fork’s D-shaped steerer tube allows for an integrated cockpit with fully hidden cable routing when the frame is assembled with an electronic disc-brake groupset.

This unprecedented in steel frames, this setup will make your custom Italian build look distinctly modern, while letting you enjoy the benefits of the most advanced road bike technologies.

Battaglin Portofino: Production limited to 50 frames per year

We want to create a dream bike that fits your specific preferences while offering you an unforgettable, personalized experience.

But discussing the endless possibilities of a custom build so you can identify your own style requires a lot of time and dedication.

That’s why we’ve decided to cap this year’s production to only 50 custom frames (or complete bikes).

Each Portofino 2022 we make comes with a numbered plate brazed to the top tube that authenticates its uniqueness and makes it an exclusive item to treasure forever.

Battaglin Portofino: Premium Italina Finishes

Inspiring ourselves to classic Italian steel bicycles opened up a world of possibilities for the Portofino’s look.

In fact, one of the most exciting parts of the building process will be working on the personalization of your frame and bike.

The lugged construction will allow us to finish the lugs in chrome so that your Portofino has a distinctive Italian flair.

You’ll be able to make your Portofino more unique with a custom paint job or add a personal touch with a nameplate that will pair well with the engraved details.

And if you want your custom Portofino to look different from any other bike you and your cycling friends have ever seen, the cromovelato is the one single finish that will elevate your bike to a work of art.

Customize your frame with your favorite cromovelato colors, and enjoy the translucent effect gleaming in the sunlight that only Italian expert craftsmen can create for you.

Order Your Custom Battaglin Portofino R:

You can order a custom Portofino R and enjoy the full experience of building a frame or bicycle taylor-made to your exact preferences from Lakeside Bicycles or direct from Officina Battaglin.

A custom Battaglin Portofino R includes:

  • Custom steel frame built to your measurements in the Battaglin workshop
  • Carbon fork manufactured in Italy
  • Headset
  • Custom paint or custom Cromovelato finish
  • Individually numbered
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Giovanni Battaglin.


Officina Battaglin Portofino 2022 No. 42 of 50!

A custom steel road bike custom-made to the owner’s specifications and expertly assembled with some of the best components on the market.