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BIXXIS EVA Carbon Fork

BIXXIS EVA Carbon Fork
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Bixxis Hand Crafted Italian Road Bikes


Designed and manufactured in Italy, Eva is the entrance of Bixxis in the high end market of carbon forks for rim brake road bikes.

EVA is a durable, dynamic, high performance road fork versitile enough to allow every cyclest to find the perfect compliment to their specific technique in order to ride safer and faster than ever.

  • EVA comes in three different rakes (50 – 45 – 47,5)

  • In two steer tube standards: 1 ”1/8 straight and 1” 1 / 2-1 ”1/8 tapered.

  • Axle to Crown size 371mm.

  • Weight 390gr (1/8 straight) 398gr (1” 1 / 2-1 ”1/8 tapered)

  • EVA strengt and durability have been thoroughly tested and is  ISO 4210/6 Certified!

Designed by Doriano and Martina De Rosa , produced in Italy by Pedemonte Compositi, Eva will enhance virtually any combination of Geometries or frame material.

With this unique fork, Bixxis honors the great tradition of Italian frame builders who pursue that same vocation in fork customization which made the history of cycling.

For more information contact the BIXXIS experts of Lakeside Bicyles by phone (W-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, or Sun 12-5) at 503-699-8665 or by email at


EVA: The first fork designed by BIXXIS

With an all-Italian production, Eva is the debut of Bixxis in the scenario of carbon forks. Resistant, highly performing and with a dynamic design. Eva exists in three different rakes. Its versatility allows every cyclist to find in this fork the ideal component to ride safer, faster, more master than ever.