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A few simple measurements and we can make every ride great!Get A Custom Fit On Your Bicycle!
Perhaps the most important thing about any bicycle is how well it fits. A perfect fit optimizes comfort, efficiency and handling. To help, Lakeside Bicycles has created this easy-to-use tool. It lets you measure yourself in the comfort of your own home and email your information to us, which our bicycle-fit specialists will use to recommend the ideal size bicycle for you (or to help you dial-in the fit on your current bike).

To use this tool, first recruit a friend or family member to help you take the measurements. Then, working together, simply fill in each page of the form clicking the NEXT button to complete all 8 important measurements. We've provided clear, illustrated instructions on what to measure and how, along with the other details we use to ensure that your new (or current) bike fits and rides noticeably better.

Please read all the instructions completely and take your time to get accurate measurements (it's best to measure 3 times and record the average). If you have any questions, call (503-699-8665) or stop in and we'll help. This tool also stores the information on your computer, so you can take a break and come back without losing what you've entered! When you've completed all the questions, be sure to click the SEND TO US button so we receive your information (print a hard copy for yourself, too), and we'll be in touch once we've reviewed it. Or, you can contact us, too, if you're eager for recommendations.

Please note that this tool is designed to make it easy for you to measure yourself and get that information to us. It can't recommend a size, or bicycle, or the components and adjustments that are right for you. That's where our expertise comes into play. We'll help you with that once we've received your measurements. Thank you and have fun!