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Why We Ride!

Bicycles are more than a way to have fun. They're life-changers. There's nothing that comes even close to the joy of bicycling. Whether on the road or trail, hopping on a bike is one of life's great  pleasures and an easy way to stay healthy and happy. Bicycles are perfect for getting around town, enjoying the scenery and heading out for new adventures. Every time we pedal our way forward, we not only get to where we're going, we make the world a slightly better and healthier place.

These wise words are from our friends at People For Bikes  (More or less, we couldn't resist the temptation to editorialise here and there) and we couldn't agree with them more. We urge you to join cyclists across the universe to support bicycling incentives by signing the People For Bikes Pledge. It's quick, easy and completely free! Here are more powerful reasons to ride and support cycling enhancements.

People For Bikes facts and figures showing how bikes and cycling improve the world!