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The Ciavete Paint Scheme

Dario Pegoretti doing "Whatever the hell he wants"

Trentino:  The northernmost province of Italy in who's dialect the word "Ciavete" means, literally, "Do whatever the hell you want."

Every paint scheme which finds it's way onto a bicycle frame produced by the Bodega is carefully, lovingly mapped out either by Dario Pegoretti, inspired by his work, or by the multitude of designs he left behind him on two terabytes of computer hard drive.  Every paint scheme except one, except Ciavete.

Each Ciavete is a unique composition, and, as the nature of the artwork suggests, arrives unseen – a complete surprise.

However, the Bottega will happily note down your colour likes and dislikes, or any starting point of inspiration you wish to communicate, before starting work.

Naturally, there’s a lot of trust involved in handing over complete artistic freedom, which is why the Ciavate scheme, like our painted graphics and panel schemes, is an optional add-on chosen at the time of ordering.

To own a Pegoretti is to own a frame designed by the artist who was, arguably, pre-eminent in his generation.  To own a Ciavete is to own a work of art worthy of display in any of the worlds great museums.

Examples of Ciavete (detailed photos available on request)

63cm Big Leg Emma
51cm Responsorium
53cm Duende Cross Frame
54cm Day Is Done
55cm Responsorium
Hunter S Thompson Responsorium
Marco Pantani Memorial Show Marcelo (Mxxxxxo)
59cm Responsorium
Custom Marcelo Absolutely Free
57cm Elvis Marcelo (Mxxxxxo)