Safety: Eyewear, Gloves and Helmets

Lakeside Bicycles stocks glasses from Assos, Rudy Project and Tifosi

If you are still riding without a helmet, you are either deaf, insane or stupid.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, we are big fans of Natural Selection.  Good Luck!

While enormous attention has been lavished on the 'whys' and 'wherefores' of bicycle helmets, there has been little or no attention to two other important cycling safety tools:  Gloves and Glasses.  Gloves not only keep you warm and improve comfort, they isolate your hands from road vibration which can cause pain, numbness and (in extreme cases) nerve damage.  Gloves also protect your hands from painful and very slow healing injuries in the unlikely event of a fall.  Trust us, when you scrape up your hands the wounds will re-open every time you try to brush your teeth or type an addition to your website.

In addition to improving vision in bright light, glasses protect your eyes from U.V. radiation and from stray objects that come hurtling to meet them as you innocently ride down the road.  Getting hit in the eye by a flying rock or beetle is almost guaranteed to knock you off your bike.  

We stock Glasses from Assos, Rudy Project and Tifosi, Gloves from Assos, Specialized, Gore and Giordana, and Helmets from Specialized, Kali, Nutcase, Catlike and Lazer.  Additional brands can be found in our catalog.

Specialized S-Works Evade
Helmets have long been plagued by an unspoken rule: Low weight, ventilation...
Specialized S3 MT and S-Works MT Visor
$10.00 - $15.00
Replacement visor for all S3 MT and S-Works MT helmets....
Kali Protectives Therapy Helmet
Slay your inner demons as you log some serious miles. Featuring LDL multi-G...
Assos HF shashaGlove
A glove for everyday use during warm conditions, these half-finger shashaGl...