Our Staff and Relics

Founded on April 1, 1997.  Lakeside Bicycles has been a Lake Oswego (and Portland) tradition for nearly a fifth of a century.  Built on the proposition that all cycling opportunities should be equal and that every cyclist is entitled to the best outcome of which they are capable, we exist to exceed your innermost and most urgent cycling hopes and dreams.

Please, check us out in person.  There are loads of positive reviews written by people who have been brainwashed by our kindness and attention to their needs and whims as well as the occasional angry essays by people who have, clearly, mistaken us for someone else.  In either case, Lakeside Bicycles is always a better experience than the rumor.

Here, randomly arranged in the order we uncovered their photos, is our crack team of cycling 'goodfellas'.  Each of them a tower of strength and an ocean of knowledge.  Each of them vibrating in readiness to realize your every whim.Even the most devoted followers of Cycling Ninjitsu are not immune to the beauty of spring flowers.