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Pegoretti Love#3

Pegoretti Love#3
The last new Love #3 we are likely to see. 53.5 cm Top Tube (equivalent to a 52cm standard Peogretti), 50cm seat tube and 100mm head tube.
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"Because even intellectuals fall in love at least three times in their lifetimes. Our 52cm custom (53.5 cm top tube, 50cm seat tube and 100mm head tube) is probably the last new Love #3 we will be seeing, if you are looking for an alloy Pegoretti, snap it up."

Replacing the 8:30 AM (another name inspried by a Zappa tune) in 2006, Pegoretti's Love #3 is an scandium rendering of the Marcelo. Being aluminium, Dario considers the Love #3 to be a mercenary frameset of sorts -- it's a "pure race bike" that "50% of the people want, and 70% of them don't need." The oversized chainstays (30mm) and large diameter main tubes of Columbus XLR8 are custom drawn to Dario's specifications. The tubes are relatively thick-walled, in deference to Dario's concern with the ride quality and longevity of his frames rather than with a mindless quest to shave grams (though, at 1225g in the 54cm frame, we were able to break the UCI's weight limit without breaking a sweat). As usual, the attention to detail is mind blowing. .

Beautiful as it is, the Love #3 is well suited for hard riding and racing. Owners report that, unlike any other alloy frame they have known, the Love #3 has a Marcelo-like ride: smooth, comfortable, predictable on descents and very fast. All exactly what you would expect in a race specific frame.

From his super-human welds and museum quality finish to the frame's aggressive stance everything is a bespoke reflection of the artist's vision. The Love #3 features a unique removable derailleur hanger bolted to oversized, hooded alloy dropouts. It uses an Italian threaded bottom bracket, a 30.0 seatpost and a standard 1 1/8" headset. The Love #3 comes with a Falz fork and is available by special order, only. This means a couple of things: first, expect delivery to take at least 7 to nine months and, second, the odds of one just "showing up" in your size are as near to zero as doesn't matter. If you have made the very sensible decision to own a Love #3 (or any Pegoretti other than a Marcelo or Duende), then place the order or plan on doing without.

Scandium (in this case) is Columbus' superb aluminium alloyed with zinc and magnesium, then "doped" with scandium and zirconium. This improves its weldability and its resistance to heat-induced fatigue. This results in a longer-lived frame since it minimizes the impact of the welding heat on the material. Columbus' XLR8R scandium allows Pegoretti to shave substantial weight: a size 54cm frame will come in at 1225g. Not exactly ethereal, but reasonably light. Columbus also went to great lengths to maximize XLR8R's vibration damping when compared to other aluminum alloys.

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, just click this link.


Frame Custom drawn, oversized Columbus XLR8 Scandium with replacable derailleur hanger.
Fork Falz Carbon
Headset Chris King D11
Bottom Bracket Italian 70mm
Front Derailleur 35mm
Seat Post 31.6
Sizes 49 throught 62cm
Warranty Limited Lifetime

* Subject to change without notice.


Painting with Dario Pegoretti

Painting with Dario Pegoretti.

Part Numbers

Option MPN
52cm PE-LOVE-52-MANO
53cm PE-LOVE-53-MANO-11
54cm PE-LOVE-50-MANO-54tt