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Current Marcelo (Mxxxxxo) Inventory

2021 56cm Mazzetta Navy Marcelo. In stock at $4,300
2014 62cm Marcelo in HD
2023 59cm Pegoretti Marcelo (Mxxxxxo) in the Down Town color scheme
62cm 2012 Pegoretti Marcelo (Mxxxxxo) in early Conn Rust, $3,950
53cm Pegoretti Marcelo (Mxxxxxo) in Ciavete, $5,200

In 2007 Tom Boonen took the sprinter's green jersey in the Tour De France on a Pegoretti Marcelo with Specialized logos on it. That says everything about the Marcelo and what it was designed to do.

The Marcelo (or Mxxxxxo, don't ask why) is the flagship steel bike from the most revered frame builder of his generation, it is what Dario thinks a steel race bicycle should be.  Should you ever find yourself in Plato's cave, the shadows of steel road frames cast upon the wall, are cast by a Marcelo.

Round tubes attached to round tubes with angelic welds, the Marcelo you hold in your hands is the physical manifestation of Dario's genius.  Dig deeper and you will find the fanatic attention to detail that has driven the tubing manufacturers at Columbus mad.  Every element of design and manufacture brings his vision exactly to life.  Each custom drawn tube is a little bit wider here and somewhat thinner there such that each Marcelo manifests a dreamlike ride quality worthy of it's Pegoretti badge.

The Marcelo is made from Dario's own version of the heat treated Columbus LIFE tubeset, the top steel alloy currently available for bicycle construction. His oversized version of Spirit makes the race-inspired ride of the Marcelo possible. It is stiff and responsive with the snappy, lively feel and results in a smooth and damped ride combined with taught, stiff responsiveness under power. The Marcelo gives up nothing when compared to other super premium frames no mater of what material.

The Pegoretti hooded dropouts are intricately machined stainless steel, stunning to behold and capable of absorbing hard wheel-in, wheel-out abuse. The chainstays are thick (18mm) and taper gracefully toward the bottom bracket to allow for stiffness and adequate tire clearance. The Marcelo comes with Pegoretti's Falz full carbon fork. After an an exhaustive search failed to find any fork on the market to meet his specifications, Dario designed and Columbus made his own.  And the finish - that famous Pegoretti paint. Hand applied with the same mystical attention to detail as the rest of the manufacturing process, if you don't like it, Picasso is probably beyond you as well.

We offer the Marcelo as a frameset and we would be happy to consult with you about a complete bike or a parts package to compliment your Pegoretti frameset.  The Marcelo comes with a Falz fork and a custom designed Chris King D11 headset.  It uses a 31.6 seatpost and a 32mm front derailleur clamp. The bottom bracket is Italian threaded. We have several sizes and paint schemes in stock and ready to ship.  As with every Pegoretti frameset, the Marcelo is manufactured in standard geometries in 1cm increments from 48 to 60cm as well as by special order in custom geometries.  Except for stricktly special order models (Big Leg Emma, Day is Done, and Luigino) Pegoretti frames are offered in one paint scheme at a time but can be ordered in any current design including Panel, Ciavete, or in solid colors.  In addition, special order frames are also available set up for full electronic drive trains (no gear cable guides). 


Pegoretti Geometry Chart:

Pegoretti Geometry Chart

*Stack height of a Chris King No Tread Set in 1-1/8" is 3.14cm (top and bottom together)

Old (Former) Marcelo Inventory

54cm Pegoretti Marcelo in custom blue Somebody paint scheme
57cm Pegoretti Marcelo in custom Elvis paint scheme
53cm custom Marcelo in a Mother's of Invention Ciavete paint scheme
Pegoretti Marcelo in a custom DownTown paint scheme
60cm Pegoretti Marcelo in a Thelonious paint scheme
2009 Custom Pegoretti Marcelo in the Absolutely Free Ciavete paint scheme
58cm Pegoretti Marcelo in a NK paint scheme
58cm Pegoretti Marcelo in Conn Rust at it's new home in Australia
2019 53cm Marcelo in MP Blue Opaque
2023 56cm Marcelo in Ciavete