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The Colnago C68

Colnago C68 Entry Banner

A New Bike For A New Colnago

Introducing the C68

C68 Road Carbon Titanium HTBK w/Shimano Dura Ace Di2 12 speedOf the entire Colnago range the model which revolutionizes the concept of 'handmade in Italy', while its DNA and the concept of multiple parts is maintained.  In the future the C68 will be available in three versions:  Road, Allroad, and Gravel all of which will share the same, totally new soul based on performance while also maximizing rider enjoyment.  Clean design, integration and modernity are at the core of the project.

The C68 Road will also be availble in a limited edition version employing 3D printed titanium parts intended for an even more exclusive and technologically-oriented audience.

There are even rumors that someday ("Someday" in Italian translates losely as "Maybe two years, maybe never") there will be the option of a "made-to-measure" frame:  the widest range of choices and customization options in the Colnago world.


The new Colnago C68 frame and fork in the HRWP color

On Thursday, April 21st 2022, Colnago launched it's brand new C68.  This is not only the launch of a new bike model, but the launch of the new Colnago business model.  It is a historical event in many ways.  The new launch will include

  • The new 'C' model, top of the range of the Colnago products, entirely made in Italy in Cambiago
  • A new business model, going from traditional B2B to Omnichannel, with the possibility to buy the C68 in Europe and the UAE directly from the Colnago website and App
  • A new technologh, with the introduction of:
    • The concept of platform - the same philosophy on Road, Allroad, and Gravel bikes with the option of titanium lugs
    • The use of blockchain technology on a production bike
    • A brand new 3D configurator with embeded augmented reality to provide a semi-real experience to the end consumer

Colnago's media focus will be mainly on the European territories plus the UAE to promote the B2C platform, however the launch will be on a global scale.


Colnago Model C:

The C68 is the quintessentila Colnago bike.  C means:

  • Carbon
  • Colnago
  • Cambiago
  • Class

68 represents how far Colnago has come since 1954, the year in which we were founded.  It is our model dedicated to the handmade, multi-part Italian tradition processes and to those who love road bikes with a unique and excluseive design

Colnago has another top of the range model, the V, which is our model dedicated to races:  the Colnago racing bike, the UAE Team Emirates and UAE Team ADQ bike.  The current V3Rs has won two consecutive Tours de France.  The C and V personas are completely different.


The Colnago C68 frame and fork in the HRWH color schemeWith this launch our goals are to:

  • establish Colnago as the most desired and admired bicycle brand in the drop bar category, delivering the taste of exclusivity - please refer to the Colnago Brand Book
  • Achieving that by transitioning the Colnago brand from a heritage brand to a brand with heritage, reinforcing the Colnago heritage as one of the strong points of the C68; at the same time focusing on the handmade in Italy aspect, and the evolution of the C models over time
  • raising the perception of the technology of the bike and the brand, underlining the vast possibilities of customisation of the C68 and stressing the blockchain technology alongside the technical aspects of the C68.