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Pegoretti Falz Carbon Fork

Pegoretti Falz Carbon Fork
The Falz carbon fork, designed especially for you by Dario Pegoretti.
45mm rake, 50mm rake
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The new fork:

Unable to find an acceptable replacement for the Reynolds Ouzo Pro, Dario Pegoretti designed his own fork.  The result is the Falz (sickle in the Italian dialect that Dario speaks).  "Falz" is representative of the shape of the new fork.   Dario has always found the aesthetics of tradional curved forks more to his taste than the straight bladed forks so common today.  His design starts with the traditional arc of the fork blades and continues with an updated flat-crown design.

Flat-crown forks give a little more compliant ride than sloping crowns as the fork legs are slightly longer allowing for better damping.  The crown also offers increased clearance for larger tires.  25 or even 28mm tires will easily fit the Falz.  The appearance of the massive flat-crown on the Falz fits well with oversized tubes whether tig-welded or lugged. 

To match the stiffness of oversized tubing, the fork must have a high degree of lateral stiffness.  This is something Dario has found lacking in severl of the forks he has examined over the last few years.Pegoretti Falz fork, front and sideThe Falz was designed with more lateral stiffness than virtually any other fork while retaining the compliance derived from the flat-crown design.  This makes it the perfect match for the ride his steel frames are noted  for. One feature which has become increasingly common in the battle for lightness is the loss of a machinable fork crown. 

The Falz has an aluminum cap on the crown which allows for precision machining for alignment of the headset crown race. Some other forks use carbon for this which cannot be machined as precisely and thus can reduce the precision and longevity of the headset. Other features include carbon fork tips and 1-1/8” carbon steerer in an extra-long length to allow use on the largest frames.

The appearance of the Falze has caused a bit of grumbling.  Standing alone, it's square-shaped crown and slowly tapered, flat sided legs are unique and startling.  Once you stick it in a D11 the large Pegoretti Falz fork crowndiameter of head tube and headset take the edge off and result in an attractive statement in which every part benefits aesthetically from the effect of the whole.  Dario IS the master.

Once you get the Falz on the road it is clear that Dario has hit a home run.  The ride is well controlled and smooth under every circumstance.  It integrates perfectly with Dario's frames.  Our riders have chosen it as among the best forks for high speed and descending on the market.

The Falz fork serves to further complete and enhance Dario's offerings.  Good looking and functional, it is well mannered and comfortable and meets the most exacting standards for a performance fork on a steel (or alloy) race bike.  The Falze completely justifies the time and energy put into it's development and that of both the D11 head tube and head set.
The Falz forks weigh 524 grams and are available on most 2012 through 2019 vintage Pegoretti framesets.  The D11 system is only available starting with 2013 bikes.

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti his frames and his forks, just click this link.

Pegoretti Falz Fork Measurements

4.5cm Rake Front Rear
Center of axel to top of fork crown 366mm 373mm
Center of axel to center of front brake mount 353mm 361mm
Center of axel to bottom of fork crown 344mm 352mm

Dario also makes a steel fork

Unfinished Pegoretti double plate fork crown.

Fatti con le mani.  If you are looking for a classic steel fork that incorporates state of the art technology, then Dario has the perfect solution.  The steerer tube is 1-1/8" by 330mm.  The rake is 4.5cm (to fit any Pegoretti frame except the Luigino).  They weight 902 grams.  The tubes and crowns are custom made and, so, very expensive:  $699.99 in white or black.  Worth the wait, the perfect accessory for your Big Leg Emma, Duende, Love #3, Marcelo or Responsorium.

Dario Pegoretti's steel fork in black and white. Pegoretti cromo steel fork drop out in white. Pegoretti Luigino with double plate fork crown.