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LeMond Fitness The LeMond Revolution

LeMond Fitness The LeMond Revolution
LeMond Revolution at Lakeside Bicycles
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Technology that makes roller-based trainers obsolete.

The LeMond Revolution is a direct-drive bike trainer that integrates directly with your bike's drive train. By simply removing your rear wheel and slipping the trainer into your dropouts, it replaces the need for mushy, slippery tire-to-roller connections, while eliminating wheel and tire wear and tear. The LeMond Revolution replicates the inertia of a rolling bicycle, offering progressive resistance that provides the feel of true road riding indoors. Once you experience the real-road feel of direct drive, you won't go back.
Prices vary from $549 for the unit alone without cassette to $1049 for the unit plus cassette and Power Pilot ANT+ power meter. For more information you can contact Lakeside Bicycles or visit

The Revolution is a direct-drive, progressive resistance trainter that integrates with your bikes drive train.  It features High-inertia Technology (HIT), designed with a large, weighted flywheel that mimics the inertia of a rolling bicycle.  The Revolution spins freely when the pedals aren't engaged, and delivers progressive wind resistance similar to real-world conditions.

The Revolution fits all road bikes (Campy, Shimano, SRAM) and works seamlessly with your mountain bike or winter-specific cross bike (Yes, you can now warm up right to the moment you line up at the start).  Simply remove the back wheel, attach the rear dropouts to the spindle and go.  No more tire slippage.  No more swapping a Cross or Mountain tire for a trainer specific tire or wheel.  No more Wheel Blocks!

Designed for Greg LeMond in the early 1980's by a Russian physicist, the orginal trainer was a key part of Greg's fitness program, enabling him to train effectively in the wet, cold conditions of northern Europe.  He became the first American to win the Tour de France in 1986 and is one of the few riders to win it three times.  Re-designed and reengineered, the Revolution is now available to any cyclist looking to maximist time indoors

The LeMond Revolution was tested by Team Garmin-Transitions in the harshest and most competitive cycling environment in 2010 - The Pro Tour!  Accompanying riders like Dave Zabriskie, Christian Vande Velde and Tyler Farrar as they competed against the world's best, the Revolution trainer was a huge hit with the Garmin riders.

The available Power Pilot Meter is a wireless power meter which displays watts, cadence, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned.  The Power Pilot is USB and Ant+ compatible.


The Garmin Transitions Team using the LeMond Revolution

LeMond Revolution Product Video

Setting up your LeMond Revolution