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CycleTote Bicycle Trailers Large Dog Trailer

CycleTote Bicycle Trailers Large Dog Trailer
CycleTote Large dog trailer, Garfield, Opus, and Bosco 'the wonder collie'
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Large dog trailers can carry a pet plus any supplies up to 175 lbs. Fabric pieces provide the option to fully enclose your pet or leave the front and back open. In bad weather, a fabric back velcros into place and the front can have either a mesh front or a rain proof vinyl front.Inside, the trailer has a floor for solid footing and a hold-down loop for attaching a short leash.

A low rolling resistance provided by the full size tires along with the hitch attachment at the seat post provide a balanced, easy to pull trailer.

A remarkable optional feature is CycleTote's automatic braking system that provides a more uniform reduction in speed and safer stops. This can be especially important with heavy loads, at higher speeds or for emergency stopping. Another popular option is the running/stroller add-on. 800.747.2407


Hours: Tues 1:00 to 6:00 or by AppointmentSee that big, "Cycle Tote" grin?

USA: 800.747.2407
Worldwide: +1.970.482.2401
CycleTote Bicycle Trailers
517 N. Link Lane Unit B
Fort Collins, CO 80524-4738 USA

  • Convertible to child or cargo/touring with additional conversion kit; check with us before ordering as this is not compatible with all options
  • Water resistant and durable CORDURA® 1000 Denier fabric
  • Bright blue and yellow fabric with for high visibility
  • Seat post hitch allows natural steering control
  • Ball joint hitch attachment for extra safety
  • Your choice of either 700 cm (touring) or 26" (mountain bike) quick-release bicycle wheels and tires
  • Full-size wheels provide for low rolling resistance
  • Safety flag
  • Wheel reflectors
  • Mesh and vinyl front covers.
  • High strength lightweight aluminum frame
  • Plastic floor insert
  • Traction floor to provide grip for your pet
  • Leash loop
  • Accommodates many sizes of dogs
  • Hand built in the United States by a crack team of Rocket Scientists, Mid Wives, and custom surgical instrument designers.  Really, we are not exaggerating here.  Picture Stephen Hawking, Seymour Cray, and Richard Feynman working together to build the perfect bicycle trailer and you won't be too far off the mark. 

Available options: brakes, conversion kits, extra hitches, quick-release roll bar
Manufactured in Fort Collins, CO

CycleTote Automatic Braking SystemThe automatic braking system features Sturmey Archer alloy drum brake hubs, which are actuated by a mechanism built into the tow bar of the trailer. When the bicycle brakes are applied, the inertia of the trailer pushes toward the bicycle. This energy moves a rod in the actuator, which then pulls the brake cables and slows the trailer. The braking system delivers a safe and uniform reduction in speed without noticeable pull on the bicycle.

This can be an important safety feature with heavier loads, higher speeds, or during emergency stops. Wheels used with automatic braking systems are hand built by Cycletote using DT stainless spokes. These brake hubs use a special solid axle but can be retrofitted with an Axle Quick Release option. $499

Cycle Tote Automatic Braking System with Axel Release ClassicAll of the benefits of the automatic braking system, plus the ability to convert the solid axle wheels of the Sturmey Archer Hub into quick release wheels using the Axle Quick Release option.

The automatic braking system provides a uniform reduction in speed and safer stops. This can be especially important with heavy loads, at higher speeds or for emergency stopping. Installation not included.

The Axle Quick Release option is not available with the Landscape trailer.


CycleTote Utility to Child trailer conversionThe kit includes everything you need (9 pieces) to convert a small utility trailer into a child trailer.  It is slightly harder to assemble and take apart then a factory manufactured child trailer, since the quick release roll bars found on the child trailer are replaced with screw-fastened clamps.

  • 2 aluminum roll bars,
  •  the seat with harnesses for one or two children,
  • front mesh cover, 
  • 2 plexiglass side windows
  • front vinyl cover,
  • fabric floor with a plastic insert.
  • $297

CycleTote Large Utility to Special Needs conversionThe kit includes everything you need (15 pieces) to convert a large utility trailer into a trailer for a person with special needs. One special note has to be made, the roll bars on a conversion kit are attached to the main frame with a screwed on clamps, rather than with a quick release pins, $428

Cycle Tote Large Utility trailerMade of durable, water-resistant CORDURA fabric used by the military. The kit includes everything needed for converting the large utility trailer which has an exterior measurement of 48 inches long and 32 inches wide.(3 pieces).

  • large fabric botttom with reinforcing leather patches alongside the wheels
  • plastic insert
  • snug-fitting large flat top (not shown)
  • $169

Cycle Tote Small Dog TrailerThis 9 piece kit includes everything needed to convert a small utility trailer into a small dog trailer. Not all pieces are shown in the picture

  • small fabric bottom and a plastic stiffener insert
  • small canopy top
  • mesh front (not shown)
  • vinyl front (not shown)
  • fabric back
  • 2 aluminum roll bars
  • flooring
  • $279

Cycle Tote Small Cargo TrailerMade of durable, water-resistant  CORDURA fabric, it converts a small utility trailer into a small cargo trailer. The kit includes everything needed for conversion (3 pieces).

  • bottom fabric with leather patches to protect the fabric alongside the wheels,
  • plastic insert 
  • snug fabric flat top
  • $137

Convert any Cycle Tote trailer into a strollerReady to use your trailer for jogging or strolling?  The wheel mount easily fits into the space that held the tow bar, while a special adapter allows the handle to be added to the back of the trailer. Within a minute, the bicycle trailer is set for a jog or a stroll, and it is just as quick to convert it back to a bicycle trailer.

  • handle
  • front wheel
  • $199

Cycle Tote Large Dog trailer, Garfield, Opus, and Bosco the wonder collieMade of durable, water resistant CORDURA fabric, this kit  enable you to convert a large utility trailer into a large dog trailer. The kit includes everything needed for the conversion (8 pieces). The front and back pieces velcro into place and can be easily removed.

  • large fabric bottom
  • plastic floor insert
  • large canopy top
  • mesh front (not shown)
  • vinyl front (not shown)
  • fabric back
  • 3 alluminum roll bars
  • flooring
  • $349

Cycle Tote Ball joint upgradeThis ball joint upgrade if for people who have one of our old trailers.  The  old system  inserted the ball into a receptical and therefore had a tighter range of motion. The upgrade includes:

  • ball joint
  • hitch nut
  • bolt and washers
  • safety strap
  • $40

Hitch not included.  If you are upgrading, your old hitch can be used once the ball is removed.  Or order a new hitch to go with your ball joint upgrade.


Outer Dimensions 48" x 32" x 29.5" (w/o rollbars 15"H)
Internal Height 43.5"L x 20.5"W x 29"H
Length with tow bar 72.5"
Load Capacity 175lbs
Trailer Weight 26lbs
Wheel Size 26” or 700c
Track Width 25.50"

* Subject to change without notice.


Cycle Tote television ad

And what happens to you kid, your dog, your friend, or your stuff if your bike falls over? Nothing!

Paige Champion? We can only dream of having those kinds of guts. Tim Borland? Bravo! The trailer? Cycle Tote.


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