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Colnago CC.01 Integrated Handlebar

Colnago CC.01 Integrated Handlebar
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Along with the C68 frame, Colnago is introducing a dedicated handlebar/stem, the new CC.01 Typically integrated handlebars/stems are built using several pieces of carbon which are then glued together.  The CC.01 is made of a single, monocoque piece of carbon resulting in improved strength and reduced weight. 

The CC.01 has a relatively long reach, a compact drop, and a decent flare, but no outsweep.  The stem angle is 84 degrees. The wider base at the drops improves bike control on descents, while simultaneously addressing the modern demand for narrower bars at the hoods for improved aerodynamics.

The width at the hoods is reduced by 1cm compared to more traditional bars.  The increasing the reach from the more traditional 75mm on compact bars, to 80mm creates a more "into the bike" position on descents and a larger flat surface behind the hoods for increased comfort.  The Colnago CC.01 is designed for modern wireless and wired electronic groupsets while maintaining compatibility with external routing and rim brakes.

Why go through the bother of developing a new handlebar?  Several reasons:

  • The Colnago CC.01 handlebar is lighter than typical integrated bar/stems optimized for internal wiring (310g for the 110/410)

  • The minimal painting look has been chosen for reduced weight:  the handlebar will be available in a single color version with glossy black grahpics on a matt black finish.

  • The CC.01 has been aerodynamically optimized.

  • The Colnago CC.01 is backwards compatible with the C64 and  VSRs models, both rim and disc, mechanical and electronic.

The Colnago CC.01 will have a dedicated computer mount with a "GoPro style" bayonet and two different lengs to support campatibility with Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton, and Hammerhead.

The handlebar kit is completed by the dedicated spacer kit, the steering cap containg a bespoke multitool, and an optional cap which will allow adjustment of the fork height prior to cutting.

Furthermore, for a perfect match and lower drag, the cockpit is also offered with a 3D-printed cyclo-computer support, compatible with the Wahoo Bolt V2 (with more compatibilities yet to come).  On top of the astonishing and clean aesthetics the new mount improves aerodynamics by (!) 0.75 W* of savings at 50 km/h, which is pretty impressive considering the small frontal area involved.

For more information, contact the Colnago fanatacis of Lakeside Bicycles by phone (503-699-8665 10-7 W-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun) or email at

*WAD = Weighted Average Drag (i.e. the sum of power at different yaw angles, weighted by the probability of encountering those speceific conditions)