Assos T.Cento s7

Assos T.Cento s7
Assos S7 T.100 (Cento) bib-shorts
$299.00 - $329.00
Black Volkanga
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MILLE has been eliminated. There is no successor. Instead, T.CENTO represents a new breed. They’re our high performance, ultra-longdistance shorts, tailored for the cycling body type.

These shorts feature our newly designed comfortFit: less compression and a less restrictive fit on the waist and abdominal areas, but the leg circumference and length are the same as on the T.équipe. The unique insert is a small masterpiece that has been specifically designed for ultra-long-distance missions.

Ergonomically shaped, it uses higher density memory foam shock absorbers and features a very special ASSOS invention, kuKuPenthouse. In the front section of the insert there is a low volume circular inlet that accommodates the male anatomy in cocoon-like comfort, yet holds everything securely. As well, T.cento offers reduced motion and greater breathability in this sensitive area.

When to use?

We recommend the T.cento for ultra-long distances or at the beginning of the season, when you may have gained a few kilos. Due to T.cento’s construction, it is also ideally suited for more robust body types.

For much, much more information about the Game Changing Assos _s7 line of bib shorts, follow the link below:

Follow this link to much, much more about Assos new _s7 line at lakeside bicycles.

Men's Shorts/Knickers/Tights

Size Height (cm) Weight (KG) Chest (cm) Height (in) Weight (lb) Chest (in)
XS 150 - 159 cm <60 90 cm 59.1 - 62.6 inches <132 pounds 35.4 inches
S 160 - 169 cm <70 96 cm 63 - 66.6 inches <154 pounds 37.8 inches
M 170 - 179 cm <75 100 cm 67 - 70.5 inches <165 pounds 39.4 inches
L 180 - 185 cm <80 102 cm 70.9 - 72.8 inches <176 pounds 40.2 inches
XL 186 - 190 cm <85 110 cm 73.2 - 74.8 inches <187 pounds 43.3 inches
XLG 191 - 195 cm <90 116 cm 75.2 - 76.8 inches <198 pounds 45.7 inches
TIR =XLG, but wider <90 118 cm = XLG but wider <198 pounds 46.5+ inches

Women's Shorts/Knickers/Tights

Size Hip (cm)
Hip (in)
XS 86 cm
34 inches
S 90 cm
36 inches
N 100 cm
39 inches
 L 102 cm
40 inches
XL 110 cm
43 inches

This construction further reduces heat and risk of chaffing on saddle sidewalls thanks to optimized anatomic contouring.

Another ASSOS invention: The front part of the insert features a round-shaped pattern insert made of skin contact textile, no foam. Not only does it create a "nest" into which the male's genitals are properly "stored", but also keeps them "cooler". It's the evolution of "kuKuDeluxe". You only got 3, protect them!

Another little-major technological step towards total comfort: The rear part of the insert is directly incorporated into the lower back seams. Less volume, less seams, a perfectly integrated unit. Be aware of soon to follow imitations!

It's the refinement of the waffle patent: In addition to the foammiddle layer, also the lower layer of the 3-layer fabric is perforated. This further decreases weight and augments breathability. Another ASSOS milestone. Be aware of soon to follow imitations!

It's the ASSOS solution for the insert next-to-skin 3-layer fabric. First introduced on _s5 and now further perfected for _s7: Instead of using a monolithic linear foam as the middle layer, _s7 is equipped with a perforated foam. Reduction in weight and increase in breathability as a result. Be aware of imitations!

Major breakthrough, another ASSOS milestone invention: Before _s7, all cycling shorts inserts have been fastened (sewn or glued) to shorts all the way around. NOW, "goldenGate" interrupts the sewing in the area "between the legs", creating 3 dimensional freedom of movement right in the most sensitive area. No seams, hence reduced friction - basically non existing.

On generation _s2 FI.13, ASSOS firstly introduced "memory foam" technology for its shock absorbing foam pads. It means that the foam returns to its original form as soon as pressure is released. Therefore every time pedaling position is changed in the saddle through shift of weight, the foam "fills the gap".

Avantgarde generation of ASSOS textiles which provides intelligently balanced compression on muscles. Applies pressure but does it ergonomically, i.e. adapting to your body's anatomy. It grows on you.

The fabric structure creates a little grip on the saddle contact area, enabling a stable pedaling position.

Textile weaving construction which ensures a faster moisture transfer process

Fabric treatment which reflects sunlight, hence reduces heat absorption keeping muscle temperature at a cooler, more stable, optimal operational level.

Strongly improved abrasion resistance compared to _s5 shorts.

Antibacterial fiber treatment, reduces fabric aging and helps preventing unpleasant odors.

Specifically calibrated textile with asymmetrical elastic module. Combined with directional cutting, it supports muscle elongation and stabilizes movements.

In addition to A:E:M:T., the custom fabrics features a higher % of spandex resulting in a stronger return stretch. This minimizes muscle fatigue due to improved vibration-control.

The bibStabilizer also serve the purpose of an eyewear holder. Simply insert one pol between silicon stripe and bib.

Specifically developed elastic leg-grippers. Ultra-light in volume and with an ideally calibrated stretch return which secures the pants firmly to the legs, without applying unnecessary pressure.

It's no longer a traditional bib construction made of spandex like the shorts, it’s a Y-shaped system construction front/back which ensures the unit stays in a perfectly wrinkle free and contoured position at all times.

The very particular, minimal pattern design is the result of wind-tunnel testing conducted specifically for our aero chronosuit FENOMENO, engineered for the London Olympic Games 2012 and used by the Swiss Cycling Federation. Mod. Dep. & Patent Pending. Never was an anatomical cycling short constructed with so few seams.

MOD T.Cento_S7
Line Campionissimo
Climarange Summer.2
Article Shorts
Article No.
AEPD Comfort Fit
Sizes XS - S - M - L - XL - XLG - TIR
Colors Black Volkanga
Composition 73% PA, 17% EA, 10% PES
Parts 3 Textiles - 5 Patterns - 17 Components
Main Textile Type 439
Replaces Assos S5 bibshorts


ASSOS s7 - Game Changer

Introducing Assos S7. Prepare for the game to be changed.


Introducing the Game Changing Assos S7 T.100 (Cento) bib-short.

Part Numbers

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Black Volkanga / X-Small ASSOSS7CENXS
Black Volkanga / Small ASSOSS7CENS
Black Volkanga / Medium 2220000031578 ASSOSS7CENM 35081
Black Volkanga / Large 2220000033961 ASSOSS7CENL 35083
Black Volkanga / X-Large 2220000033992 ASSOSS7CENXL 35085
Black Volkanga / XLG 2220000034005 ASSOSS7CENXLG 35087
Black Volkanga / TIR 2220000033985 ASSOSS7CENTIR 35089