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Pegoretti Day Is Done

Bicycle Frames by Dario Pegoretti. Available at Lakeside Bicycles

Currently in stock in 56cm Venetian Stucco, 57cm Fiorellin, and 58cm Faema as seen in the images above.

Named after a Nick Drake song as covered by the jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, Day Is Done is the most recent addition to Dario Pegoretti's lexicon of steel framesets.

Day Is Done was developed as a performance lugged  frame using classic construction and the benefits of oversized tubing.  The headtube is 7 mm shorter than a tig-welded frame.  A “ring” can be added to the upper lug to increase the height if requested.

The Columbus Spirit Niobium tubing is based on the tubeset designed for the Marcelo with modifications to optimize it for lugged construction..  The Cadnezia oversized lugset was developed in a collaboration between Dario and Darrell McCulloch of Llewellyn Bikes in Australia.  The rear dropout attachment is amended with a hollow tube through the stays offering an increased surface for brazing and providing a striking  visual effect.  The brazed tube also increases lateral rigidity of the chainstay at the critical juncture with the dropout.

Building lugged frames is a more gentle and time consuming process that TIG welding.  In addition to cutting and milling, each tube must be fitted to a hand tapered lug and then, patiently silver brazed together at relatively low (600o C to 900o C) temperatures.  Due to the low temperatures and reenforcing of the lugs, this process results in an extremely strong and readily repairable frame.  In the hands of a superior builder working without time constraints, lugged steel represent the pinnacle of bicycle frame esthetics.

“There is a reason for the “holes” in the stays at the dropouts. The small cylinders that are brazed into the stays give more surface area to braze the dropout. Since Dario likes to use non-tapering stays, he can’t use conventional dropouts as there wouldn’t be enough contact area. This is an alternative to using the “hooded” dropouts he uses on the Marcelo and Responsorium that he feels fits better with a lugged frame." -Nelson Frazier, Gita Sporting Goods

Except for the three frames shown above, the Day Is Done is available only by special order with either a Falz carbon or a steel fork at no additional cost. 

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. We can be reached by phone at (503)699-8665, our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, just click this link.

Pegoretti Luigino - Steel fork

For more about the Pegoretti Luigino

Few frames touch the heart-strings of steel afficianados as the Luigino. Through the Luigino Dario pays homage his favourite builders of those bygone days - Luigino Milani and Mario Confente. One modern touch is that instead of sticking with the smaller diameter tubes of past decades, Pegoretti uses slightly oversized tubes to offer superior stiffness and responsiveness. The most delightful detail of the Luigino is its double-plate crown steel fork. Forks with box-style crowns offer the ultimate responsiveness to rider input, and the Luigino's double-plate design is a marvel of modern machining. It brings the box crown to a new dimension of beauty. Available in very limited and unpredictable sizes or by special order. 27.2 seatpost, 28.6 front derailleur, 1" stearer. The Luigino is also available at no extra cost with track fork ends. Look no further for the ultimate fixed/single speed frame. We currently have a 56cm Luigino in Blue with Yellow panels. It includes a steel fork built with a Cinelli fork crown and a Campagnolo C-Record quill headset for $4,900. We have built it for display with 10 speed Record alloy components, down-tube shifters and wheels built with blue Ambrosio Excellence rims on silver Record hubs for $6,000 complete.

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, just click this link.

Pinarello Dogma F10 Frame

Pinarello available at Lakeside Bicycles

If you spent any time watching Chris Froome and Team Sky winning the Tour d' France or the Vuelta d' Espana this year, then you are familiar with the Pinarello Dogma F10. With the exception of the harshest cobbled Classics, where the Pinarello K8 is the extraordinarily compliant bike of choice, Pinarello and Team Sky have rejected the current trend of using specialty bikes to suit each stage profile, they have opted for an all-in-one approach. This frame was designed to provide you and Chris Froome a general level of high performance, comfort and durability. The Pinarello Dogma F10 is a darn good bike!

Pinarello Dogma F10 in the Team Sky (905) color

And the numbers support this. The Dogma F10 is 6.3 percent lighter and seven percent stiffer than it's award winning predecessor the F8. The Dogma F10 features a concave downtube design, reducing drag by 12.6 percent and a new fork which contributes another ten percent reduction in drag.

Pinarello Dogma F10 in the Team Sky (905) color

Made from Torayca T1100 1K carbon fibre, the highest tensile strength in the cycling world, all the frame shapes have been updated, improved and strengthened as has the new Onda F10 fork which borrows the dropout fin design from the Bolide time trial bike.

Pinarello has optimized the entire frame for aero efficiency, going so far as to design a bespoke carbon bar-stem, seatpost and Twin Force integrated seat collar for the Dogma F10. Even the design of the saddle was kept in-house.

Pinarello Dogma F10 in the Team Sky (905) color

Despite these changes Pinarello refers to the Dogma F10 as an evolution rather than a revolution. The Dogma F8's geometry remains unchanged as, for the most part, has the rear triangle which was already particularly nice in the Dogma F. The seatstay junction is made using a single merged piece of carbon fibre, which only splits close to the rear wheel and allows for clearance of up to 28c tires. The Pinarello Dogma F10 is designed with internal cable routings for either mechanical or

Pegoretti Big Leg Emma

For more about the Pegoretti Big Leg Emma

Named for the Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention song (appears on the 'B' side of the CD release of "Absolutely Free") and for Dario's mother, Big Leg Emma is based on the Marcello with the addition of oversized tubes (22mm chainstays vs. the Marcello's 18mm) and internal re-enforcing gussets.  It is, by far, the stiffest steel frame in Dario's stable and is designed for Clydesdales or over-quadded crit specialists.  If you need a 60 or 62cm frame, it is probably your baby.  

After you hear it described, the design elements of the Big Leg Emma are straight forward: One, that wider diameter tubes are less prone to flexing under load. Two, the down tube and the chainstays directly effect bottom bracket deflection.  It is all pretty obvious until you add a sprinkle of Pegoretti genius. 

External covers on the downt tube of the Pegoretti Big Leg Emma.To get there Dario took a page out of Falerio Masi's book (he used a similar technique to stiffen the chainstays of track bikes during the 70's) and added gussets (stiffeners) to the oversized downtube.  Prior to welding up the frame, Dario laser cuts several small grooves into either side of the downtube.  He then brazes in horizontal anti-flex plates and finishes it off by brazing ornamental covers over the incisions. At the end of the day Dario achieves his goal of an uncompromisingly stiff race frame without sacrificing vertical compliance or aesthetics.

The Big Leg Emma is available as a frameset with a Falz fork.  As with all of Dario's frames except the Marcelo and the Duende, Big Leg Emma is available in all the standard, Pegoretti sizes or as a custom and (at no additional cost except for Ciaveta) in any of Dario's current palet of finishes.    We ask for a full deposit in return for which I will gently annoy the people at Gita on a weekly basis until your baby arrives.  I have no Idea how long it is going to take to get here (18 to 30 months is a guess and probably wrong) but I guarantee it will be worth the wait. The Big leg emma uses a 31.6 mm seatpost, a 31.7 mm front derailleur and a Chris King D11 headset. It comes with a FALZ fork painted to match the frame base color.

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, just click this link.

Pegoretti Responsorium

Bicycle Frames by Dario Pegoretti. Available at Lakeside Bicycles

An album by the Argentine musician Dino Saluzzi inspired the name of this stainless-steel bicycle. After a lengthy collaboration with Columbus, Dario began production of the Responsorium.  Handcrafted from custom drawn Columbus stainless XCr tubesets, the first thing you will notice is the comfort of the ride.  XCr is 20% stronger than Columbus Niobium Spirit which means that Dario can use a thinner walled tube with more substantial butting.  Coupled with 16mm chainstays (2mm smaller than the Marcelo) the Responsorium is the lightest (100g less than the Marcelo) and most comfortable frame in the Pegoretti line.

The 55cm frame comes in at a respectable 1678g and the Falz fork at 425g.  Each frame comes with a Falz fork and Chris King D11 headset.  The Responsorium takes a 31.6 mm seatpost and a 32mm front derailleur clamp.  As with all Pegorettis it has an Italian threaded bottom bracket.  Because XCr is being run exclusively for Pegoretti it will remain in short supply, if you can't find what you are looking for in existing inventories, we suggest you order now.  Lead times are over two years and there is little or no chance your dream frame will "just show up".

 Earlier versions of the Responsorium are the only Pegoretti with a weight limit, if you are over 180 lb or plan on becoming over 180 lb, you will need to purchase a current version with a FALZ fork and Chris King D11 Headset.   The Responsorium uses a 31.6 mm seatpost, a 31.7 front derailleur and Chris King D11 headset. They come with a FALZ fork painted to match the base frame color. We offer the Responsorium as a standard frameset or you can custom order in the geometry of your choice in any of the currently available color schemes for $5,570 (Venetian Stucco is an additional $300, Ciavette is an additional $750).

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, just click this link.

Pegoretti Love#3

For more about the Pegoretti Love #3i

"Because even intellectuals fall in love at least three times in their lifetimes. Our 52cm custom (53.5 cm top tube, 50cm seat tube and 100mm head tube) is probably the last new Love #3 we will be seeing, if you are looking for an alloy Pegoretti, snap it up."

Replacing the 8:30 AM (another name inspried by a Zappa tune) in 2006, Pegoretti's Love #3 is an scandium rendering of the Marcelo. Being aluminium, Dario considers the Love #3 to be a mercenary frameset of sorts -- it's a "pure race bike" that "50% of the people want, and 70% of them don't need." The oversized chainstays (30mm) and large diameter main tubes of Columbus XLR8 are custom drawn to Dario's specifications. The tubes are relatively thick-walled, in deference to Dario's concern with the ride quality and longevity of his frames rather than with a mindless quest to shave grams (though, at 1225g in the 54cm frame, we were able to break the UCI's weight limit without breaking a sweat). As usual, the attention to detail is mind blowing. .

Beautiful as it is, the Love #3 is well suited for hard riding and racing. Owners report that, unlike any other alloy frame they have known, the Love #3 has a Marcelo-like ride: smooth, comfortable, predictable on descents and very fast. All exactly what you would expect in a race specific frame.

From his super-human welds and museum quality finish to the frame's aggressive stance everything is a bespoke reflection of the artist's vision. The Love #3 features a unique removable derailleur hanger bolted to oversized, hooded alloy dropouts. It uses an Italian threaded bottom bracket, a 30.0 seatpost and a standard 1 1/8" headset. The Love #3 comes with a Falz fork and is available by special order, only. This means a couple of things: first, expect delivery to take at least 7 to nine months and, second, the odds of one just "showing up" in your size are as near to zero as doesn't matter. If you have made the very sensible decision to own a Love #3 (or any Pegoretti other than a Marcelo or Duende), then place the order or plan on doing without.

Scandium (in this case) is Columbus' superb aluminium alloyed with zinc and magnesium, then "doped" with scandium and zirconium. This improves its weldability and its resistance to heat-induced fatigue. This results in a longer-lived frame since it minimizes the impact of the welding heat on the material. Columbus' XLR8R scandium allows Pegoretti to shave substantial weight: a size 54cm frame will come in at 1225g. Not exactly ethereal, but reasonably light. Columbus also went to great lengths to maximize XLR8R's vibration damping when compared to other aluminum alloys.

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, just click this link.

Pegoretti Marcelo Mxxxxo

Bicycle Frames by Dario Pegoretti. Available at Lakeside Bicycles

We currently have the two models shown in the images above in stock: A 51cm in the Mesonperso color and a 54cm in the Conn Rust color.

In 2007 Tom Boonen took the sprinter's green jersey in the Tour De France on a Pegoretti Marcelo with Specialized logos on it. That says everything about the Marcelo and what it was designed to do.

The Marcelo is the flagship steel bike from the most revered frame builder of his generation, it is what Dario thinks a steel race bicycle should be.  Should you ever find yourself in Plato's cave, the shadows of steel road frames cast upon the wall, are cast  from a Marcelo.

Round tubes attached to round tubes with angelic welds, the Marcelo you hold in your hands is merely the obvious manifestation of Dario's genius.  Dig deeper and you will find the fanatic attention to detail that has driven the tubing manufacturers at Columbus mad.  Every element of design and manufacture brings his vision exactly to life.  Each custom drawn tube is a little bit wider here and somewhat thinner there such that each Marcelo manifests a dreamlike ride quality worthy of it's Pegoretti badge.

The Marcelo is made from Dario's own version of the Columbus Spirit tubeset, the top steel alloy currently available for bicycle construction. His oversized version of Spirit makes the race-inspired ride of the Marcelo possible. It is stiff and responsive with the snappy, lively feel and results in a smooth and damped ride combined with taught, stiff responsiveness under power. The Marcelo gives up nothing when compared to other super premium frames no mater of what material.

The Pegoretti hooded dropouts are intricately machined stainless steel, stunning to behold and capable of absorbing hard wheel-in, wheel-out abuse. The chainstays are thick (18mm) and taper gracefully toward the bottom bracket to allow for stiffness and adequate tire clearance.

The Marcelo comes with Pegoretti's Falz full carbon fork. After an an exhaustive search failed to find any fork on the market to meet his specifications, Dario designed and Columbus made his own.

  And the finish! - that famous Pegoretti paint. Hand applied with the same mystical attention to detail as the rest of the manufacturing process, if you don't like it, Picasso is probably beyond you as well.

We offer the Marcelo as a standard frameset or you can custom order in the geometry of your choice in any of the currently available color schemes for $4,300 (Venetian Stucco is an additional $300, Ciavette is an additional $750). We would be happy to consult with you about a complete bike or a parts package to compliment your Pegoretti frameset.  The Marcelo comes with a Falz fork and a custom designed Chris King D11 headset.  It uses a 31.8 seatpost and a 31.7mm derailleur clamp. The bottom bracket is Italian threaded. We have the two frames shown above in stock and ready to ship.

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, jus

Pegoretti Duende

Bicycle Frames by Dario Pegoretti. Available at Lakeside Bicycles

Pegoretti's Duende takes its name from a concept in Spanish art that deals with emotion and authenticity, which is extremely applicable to Dario Pegoretti and his beautiful frames. Handcrafted from Columbus Spirit steel tubing, the Duende is optimized for a custom ride feel and excellent efficiency. Its front triangle uses oversize tubes for maximum stiffness and the rear triangle boasts Pegoretti's double-ellipse tapered chainstays for comfort. Plus, the Falz carbon fork (Painted to match the frame's base color) and Chris King D11 headset smooth out the bumps and steers with precision. 31.6 seatpost, braze-on front derailleur. We offer the Duende as a standard frameset or you can custom order in the geometry of your choice in any of the currently available color schemes for $3,675 (Venetian Stucco is an additional $300, Ciavette is an additional $750).

Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun, you can e-mail us at or, if you would like to learn much, much more about Dario Pegoretti and his frames, just click this link.

LeMond Fitness The LeMond Revolution
Technology that makes roller-based trainers obsolete. The LeMond Revolution is a direct-drive bike trainer that integrates directly with your bike's drive train. By simply removing your rear wheel and slipping the trainer into your dropouts, it replaces the need for mushy, slippery tire-to-roller connections, while eliminating wheel and tire wear and tear. The LeMond Revolution replicates the inertia of a rolling bicycle, offering progressive resistance that provides the feel of true road riding indoors. Once you experience the real-road feel of direct drive, you won't go back. Prices vary from $549 for the unit alone without cassette to $1049 for the unit plus cassette and Power Pilot ANT+ power meter. For more information you can contact Lakeside Bicycles or visit
Pegoretti Falz Carbon Fork

For more about Dario Pegoretti

The new fork:

Unable to find an acceptable replacement for the Reynolds Ouzo Pro, Dario Pegoretti designed his own fork.  The result is the Falz (sickle in the Italian dialect that Dario speaks).  "Falz" is representative of the shape of the new fork.   Dario has always found the aesthetics of tradional curved forks more to his taste than the straight bladed forks so common today.  His design starts with the traditional arc of the fork blades and continues with an updated flat-crown design.

Flat-crown forks give a little more compliant ride than sloping crowns as the fork legs are slightly longer allowing for better damping.  The crown also offers increased clearance for larger tires.  25 or even 28mm tires will easily fit the Falz.  The appearance of the massive flat-crown on the Falz fits well with oversized tubes whether tig-welded or lugged. 

To match the stiffness of oversized tubing, the fork must have a high degree of lateral stiffness.  This is something Dario has found lacking in severl of the forks he has examined over the last few years.Pegoretti Falz fork, front and sideThe Falz was designed with more lateral stiffness than virtually any other fork while retaining the compliance derived from the flat-crown design.  This makes it the perfect match for the ride his steel frames are noted  for. One feature which has become increasingly common in the battle for lightness is the loss of a machinable fork crown. 

The Falz has an aluminum cap on the crown which allows for precision machining for alignment of the headset crown race. Some other forks use carbon for this which cannot be machined as precisely and thus can reduce the precision and longevity of the headset. Other features include carbon fork tips and 1-1/8” carbon steerer in an extra-long length to allow use on the largest frames.

The appearance of the Falze has caused a bit of grumbling.  Standing alone, it's square-shaped crown and slowly tapered, flat sided legs are unique and startling.  Once you stick it in a D11 the large Pegoretti Falz fork crowndiameter of head tube and headset take the edge off and result in an attractive statement in which every part benefits aesthetically from the effect of the whole.  Dario IS the master.

Once you get the Falz on the road it is clear that Dario has hit a home run.  The ride is well controlled and smooth under every circumstance.  It integrates perfectly with Dario's frames.  Our riders have chosen it as among the best forks for high speed and descending on the market.

The Falz fork serves to further complete and enhance Dario's offerings.  Good looking and functional, it is well mannered and comfortable and meets the most exacting standards for a performance

Assos Zegho: Assos High Performance Eyeprotection
$399.00 - $429.00

    Introducing Zegho:

    The Zegho's are nothing less than the redefinition of cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection, produced in an exclusive joint engineering venture between Assos Centro Studio and Carl Zeiss Vision.

    Does the world need more eyewear? Probably not. But we — racing-oriented high performance cyclists — do. The ASSOS Werksmannschaft (their in-house product development team), feels that the currently available generic sports glasses could be improved to meet the specific demands of cycling. But why does Assos bother?

    Assos is not an eyewear company.  Assos is acycling body R&D + refinement laboratory. At Assos they understand cycling and focus exclusively on cycling. They do not produce multi-sports items, nor do they engineer their products for use in other sports. And they never give in to the temptation of increasing sales by broadening their focus.

    It is this “exclude-all-other-uses” engineering approach that Assos applied when they started to develop the first cycling-specific high performance eyeProtection four years ago. It was clear to Assos that they must explore new paths and join forces with the best in class to accomplish what they set out to do.

    Zegho is the combined effort of nine European specialty eyewear makers, each providing a specifically designed component, each manufactured following strict quality guidelines, and all orchestrated by ASSOS Centro Studio and its two dedicated eyewear development engineers.


    • Carl Zeiss Tunnel View lens technology, custom made for Zegho.  Patent pending
    • 180 degree field of view
    • Assos zOd.Tec zero optical distortion, certified optical class 1:superior
    • Weight 27.5 grams
    • clickFace technology.  Proadaptive skinTouch material ensures a stable fit, minimizing movement under seaty, shock-filled conditons
    • ZeroPressure technologhy:  adaptive, ultraflex composite frame, mathematically designed to calibrate the perfect ratio of material to shape
    • 100% UV protection
    • Precisision made by hadn, by dedicated eyewear specialists, one by one, in limited numbers

    ZEGHO is eyeProtection equipment created by ASSOS Centro Studio and its friends at Carl Zeiss Vision. Zegho feels different than any other sunglasses you have ever put on your face. Riding with Zegho, you feel that it is engineered to be your ideal high performance cycling companion.

    Only one question remains: Do you wear your Zegho over or under your helmet strap? There are two philosophies:

    • One:  Over the strap. In case of a crash, they are free to come loose, reducing the risk of a hinge breaking on impact and hurting your face.
    • Two:  Under the strap. The majority of the ASSOS Werksmannschaft (in this case the Assos factory team) chooses this option. In case of a crash, it helps keep your eye protection in place, possibly reducing  the risk of eye injury.

    Zegho is the ultimate high performance cycling-specific eye protection. Unfortunately, Assos requires that we must inf

    Chris King R45 Rear Hub For Campagnolo
    A lightweight Campagnolo compatible hubset designed expressly for the demands of road racing. Light The R45 hubset is 20% lighter than King's Classic hubset at 328g. They designed sleek new hubshell bodies and new 17 mm axles. That's 17 mm from dropout to dropout resisting deflection during cornering or when the power is full on. Chris King designed a driveshell with a twin bearing design that responsibly removed as much weight as they could from the inner components. Even their patented RingDrive engagement system was redeveloped resulting in a quiet, fast-engaging 45-tooth stainless steel system unique to the R45 rear hub. All of this comes with the standard Chris King 5-Year Warranty and is compatible with Campagnolo 9,10 and 11 speed drivetrains. Lock Rings The R45 for Campagnolo comes standard with an 11-tooth lock ring which is required for use with the Chris King driveshell. An optional 12-tooth lock ring is also available at your favorite shop or directly from Chris King. Fast Chris King designed and built a bearing specifically for the R45 hubset. As with every King bearing, these stainless steel sealed bearings are made in-house in Portland, Oregon and individually hand-checked for precision and smoothness. Chris King's proprietary bearing design allows them to place more rolling elements per bearing meaning greater durability and precision. R45 bearings also feature lightweight, low-friction seals for fast rolling and can be easily serviced at regular intervals using only a single 2.5 mm hex wrench and penknife. R45 Options: Ceramic Bearings - Made in-house Chris King makes their own ceramic bearings and theye build them to the same exacting standards as their classic, time-tested stainless steel ball model. Pairing the corrosion resistance of ceramic balls with Chris King's proven sealing system allows for greater flexibility with greasing options. Chris King builds their ceramic bearing R45 hubs with a very small amount of silicone-based lube for a system with very low drag. Take advantage of Chris King's user-serviceable bearings and change to a dry lube for the ultimate in race-day performance. Stainless Steel Bearings - Made in-house The R45 Campagnolo hubset also has the option of stainless steel sealed bearings. As with every King bearing, these bearings are made in-house in Portland, Oregon and individually hand-checked for precision and smoothness. Hubshell Drillings R45 front hubs are available in 20, 24, 28 & 32 hole options. R45 Campagnolo rear hubs are available in 24, 28, & 32 hole options.
    Assos Equipe RS Rain Jacket
    The Assos Equipe RS Rain Jacket insulates, protects, and keeps the chill away with its waterproof construction and race-focused cut. At just 170g, it's half the weight of their legendary sturmPrinz, which means this is the jacket to grab when you need something slightly more everyday, slightly less heavy-duty. Crafted with Schloss Tex, the latest to come from the Assos Textile Laboratory, a lightweight, flexible, and waterproof fabric with minimal weight. This riding jacket borrows numerous cues from the race-proven sturmPrinz, such as the taped wrists and neck to minimize friction, silicon elastic waistband, and slot pockets that allow access to your regular jersey pockets beneath. Assos also applied a double zipper so you can get frontal airflow from the bottom, top, or both. With premiere water-repellent and windproof properties, the Equipe is an all-year riding jacket that provides pro-level performance.
    Assos T.Tiburu S7 Bib Shorts
    Assos' T Tiburu Bib Shorts are ideal for cool temperatures and are built to handle adverse weather. The front panel is constructed with Assos' Stratagon wind-blocking fabric, and the shorts also make use of Assos' AWR water-repellent technology for drizzly days. Minimal seams make the Tiburu fit like a second skin, the comfortable bib uppers stay in place, and Assos' conforming chamois offers supreme comfort for long days in the saddle.
    Lakeside Bicycles Lakeside Custom Jersey
    With the able assistance of our partners at Giordana, we have the Jersey you have all been requesting and expecting since the dawn of Lakeside. They are really nice jerseys (based on Giordana's Silverline model) in addition to being really good looking. 3/4 zip, available in pink and red, they are going fast.
    Assos rainGloves_evo7
    Assos' rainGloves_evo7 are excellent gloves for a wide range of rainy conditions. Even in temperate climates, wet hands on the bike can quickly chill, leading to numbness, discomfort, and difficulty controlling the bike. You know Assos, and this goes against their ethos: "Suffer in Comfort." That’s why they crafted these low-volume neoprene rain gloves, unbeatable in providing minimalist protection from rain. With a flat palm featuring subtle printed grippers for road riding or mountain biking, these riding rain gloves have improved ergonomics and a minimal number of seams. Wear alone in mid-range temperatures or with a thin liner glove to provide additional warmth on the coldest days.
    RoadID WristID Elite
    The Wrist ID Elite just might be the sexiest ID in the Road ID lineup. With its rubberized band and watch-style buckle, this sleek ID has you covered on the bike, in the boardroom and everywhere in-between. It's perfect for all of your outdoor activities and knows how to play it cool at formal events. With the Elite, you get valuable peace of mind with a look that’s just right for everyday wear. Yes, we know, it's a bit more expensive. But, when you put it on, you'll know why you spent the extra money. Get your Wrist ID Elite today...your life may depend on it. The Wrist ID Elite is a sleek and stylish way to incorporate ID into your active lifestyle. The Wrist ID Elite is fully adjustable and is available in 8 colors (Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Green). With all of these great colors, you can get an Wrist ID Elite to match all of your gear. Remember, if you can't speak for yourself, your Wrist Elite ID will speak for you. Get your Wrist ID Elite today...your life may depend on it. Available in eight colors and both Original and Interactive versions.Satin Finish Stainless Steel: $30
    RoadID FixxID
    The FIXX ID, named in honor of Jim Fixx, was the first ID we ever created. Needless to say, many long hours went into the design of the FIXX ID. We wanted our first ID to not only be fun to wear, but also be very high quality. Different from any other form of ID in the market, the FIXX ID allows you to make a statement about yourself by incorporating one of our 231 images images on the front side to express your personal interest, passion or motto. The back side can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. This trusty old dog comes in High Polished Stainless Steel with a 27" stainless ball chain. The FixxID is available in both Original and Interactive versions. $25
    An Intimate Portrait of the Tour de France Eddy Merckx Poster #4
    The incomparable Eddy Merckx gazes, hawk like, toward victory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . All right, none of us is a literature major, it is the best bicycling poster ever and he is the greatest athlete who ever lived: even with your Babe Ruths, and your Michael Jordans, and your what have yous included. If you love cycling this poster will be all the explanation your friends and significant others will ever need. Be the envy of everyone who ever turned a pedal. Buy this poster.
    Assos Active Wear Cleanser
    Take better care of your cycling clothes with Assos' Active Wear Cleanser. Utilizing a mild, PH-neutral formula, this tech cleanser preserves delicate fabrics, enhances breathability, keeps colors sharp, and neutralizes odors to keep your high-performance garments performing at their best, so you can, too.
    RoadID AnkleID
    Just strap her on and go. The Ankle ID is constructed of comfortable and flexible neoprene. We designed her to stand the test of time - but not interfere with your natural physical movement. Like all our IDs, the Ankle ID can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. The closure system is Velcro and is fully adjustable so that one size fits all (fits ankles up to 11.5"). It comes standard with a 3M reflective stripe to enhance your visibility when training in the dark. The Ankle ID is available in Black, Blue, Red and Pink and both Original and Interactive versions. Satin Finish stainless Steel. $20
    RoadID Shoe PouchID
    Ever need a place to stow your hotel key, house key or some spare cash for an energy bar? If so, the Shoe Pouch ID is your answer. This hip little fella will proudly carry your "stuff" in his handy, water-resistant, ripstop nylon pouch. Like all of our IDs, the Shoe Pouch ID can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. It easily attaches to your shoe laces with a 3M reflective Velcro strap. This ID comes in Black, Blue, Red or Pink and is available in both Original and Interactive versions. Laser Engraved, Satin Polished, Surgical Quality Stainless Steel. Once size fits all. $20
    RoadID ShoeID
    Lightweight and durable, the popular Shoe ID can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. You can simply strap this sexy little fella on your running, walking or cycling shoe. Then, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having ID every time you step out the door. It’s made of durable stainless steel and attaches to your shoe with a small Velcro strap. The strap comes standard with a 3M reflective stripe to enhance your visibility when training in the dark. The Shoe ID is available in Red, Blue and black. In both Original and Interactive versions. $20
    RoadID WristID Sport
    Meet your new training partner. This sporty little guy is extremely durable and comfortable...never mind the fact that it might save your life someday. Wear it running, cycling, swimming or on any of your adventures. In fact, make a lifestyle statement and wear it all the time. The Wrist ID Sport is the perfect piece of gear for every athlete. Like all RoadIDs, it can be laser engraved with your emergency contact information. It comes standard with two 3M reflective stripes to enhance your visibility when training in the dark. The Wrist ID Sport is a convenient and sporty way to incorporate ID into your athletic gear. The Wrist ID Sport is fully adjustable. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink and Purple, the Wrist ID Sport is not only practical, but stylish as well. It is available in both Original and Interactive versions. Order your personalized Wrist ID Sport today and "Be seen wearing it!" Choose from one of three sizes: Small (fits wrists 5.5” – 6.25”) Medium-Large (fits wrists 6.25” – 8.0”) Extra-Large (fits wrists over 8.0”) Satin Finish Stainless Steel: $20
    RoadID Firefly Super Nova
    This little fella packs quite a punch. Simply put, it's the brightest, lightest, most durable security light in its class. Other lights just don't compare. About the diameter of a quarter, you won't believe how bright this safety light is. Its durable plastic clip enables you to securely attach it to your seatbag, waistband, belt or even your shirt collar. Wear it whenever you go out at dark and be seen by motorists from up to a mile away. Keep one in your seat bag for when the ride unexpectedly extends after sunset. Available in Red, Blue, Green and Clear. Batteries included. We currently stock Red.
    Lakeside Bicycles Specialized Purist Water Bottle
    $10.00 - $11.00

    No other bottle looks like Purist Hydroflo, or performs like it. It is the culmination of everything Specialized has learned in over 30 years of making the world’s best water bottles. Try one: You’ll never think about your bottle again (for all the right reasons)!

    Various features of the Lakeside Bicycles Purist water bottle

    Phil Wood & Co. Phil Wood Stainless Steel Spokes & Nipples
    Manufactured out of 18-8 stainless steel, we can custom cut and thread your Phil Wood spokes from 40 to 310mm in 1mm increments on our Phil Spoke Cutting & Threading Machine while you wait. All Phil Wood spokes have a limited lifetime warranty against breakage and come with Phil Wood Spoke nipples. Prices are from $1 (14g un-butted silver wi/brass nipple) to $2.5 per spoke.
    Pegoretti Comments and Colors
    "If steel wanted to race on a steel bike, it would buy this."

    Life means little without something extra. Hidden away in Caldonazzo just outside of the norther Italian city of Trento there is a workshop. Behind its bird bedecked doors lays a priceless treasure: Dario Pegoretti's workshop. We love these frames. We love the way they ride, the way they climb and reward every ounce of power you can summon and then drop off the top of the climb and guide you down the descent, the way they spring into action when you jump out of the saddle sprinting for the road signs with your mates and the beautiful comfortable ride they provide through a long day in the saddle. Most of all we love the way Dario does his own thing and is gloriously opinionated. He knows weight isn't everything and that ultimately power transfer and comfort are what matter most to his customers. He is innovative (check out the Reponsorium) but not for the sake of it and never to follow fashion. If you buy a Pegoretti you are buying into Dario's knowledge, his artistry and a great Italian framebuilding tradition. If you are after the latest ultra-lightweight, compact frame from the most exotic material look elsewhere, but if you are after the bike of a lifetime look no further. Dario Pegoretti credits Gino Milani for teaching him the science and the art of building bicycles. From there, Dario moved to his own workshop, where he continued to build frames. Pegoretti was amongst the first of the European framebuilders to embrace lugless TIG welding to build premium bicycles. In addition Dario worked with leading edge manufacturers, such as Excell and Dedacciai, in the development of new materials and tube sets. He earned a strong following among professional riders, and built bikes for a number of elite teams. Recently Dario moved to a new workshop where he builds a small number of fine frames, by hand, each year. In this age of mass produced products Dario Pegoretti occupies a unique position as a true individual. Since 2005 Dario has been building all his steel frames exclusively out of Columbus Niobium Spirit tubing insisting that Columbus take the extra step to heat treat the tubes for him. While the stock version of the tubes has very good elongation qualities and thereby provides a nice bit of shock damping, heat treating them gives them a considerable increase in responsiveness under a load, making a Pegoretti feel like it's gliding on a poor road surface to an extent unmatched by other tubesets. If you love bicycles and bicycling then every day you spend without a Pegoretti is a day spent in cycling depravation. Tell your spouse that it is a safety issue. Tell your children that they can go to college some other time. Tell your Priest or Rabbi that it will make you a better person. Tell your Pegoretti dealer that you are ready and then just do it. Everything will be better as a result. The Marcello and Duende frames are available in stock sizes 49cm - 60cm in 1 cm increments. The price includes a one colour paint finish, for other paint designs or custom geometry there is an extra charge of $300. (that is per color) Should you come to the reasonable decision to own a Pegoretti, please allow the enthusiasts at Lakeside Bicycles to offer your their assistance. Our hours are Pacific Time 10-7 M-F, 10-6 Sat, 12-5 Sun or you can e-mail us at
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