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Dahon, fine bicycles that happen to fold.


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Brompton Folding Bikes

Brompton: Exquisite two wheeled transportation, hand made in London England.  Now in stock at Lakeside Bicycles

For assistance designing and selecting your new Brompton, click the image above.

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Brompton Bell

Ding-ding! This black bell will let those around you know you ride a Brompton folding bike. [more]

Brompton Fender Flap And Fittings

Replacement mudflaps and fasteners. - Choose from Front or Rear [more]

Brompton Front Hub Dynamo Lamp Bracket For Shimano Or SON

Wire Form Bracket for LED Front Dyno-Lamp. - Comes with fittings - Compatible with Shimano and SON hubs [more]

Brompton Cable Gatherer

Cable Gatherer [more]

Brompton Folding Pedal Refelector Mk2 Silver

Folding Pedal Reflector Lens/housing MK2 [more]

Brompton Derailleur Gear Trigger Threaded Nipple

DR Gear Trigger Threaded Nipple [more]

Brompton Front Reflector

Front Reflector [more]

Brompton Hinge Clamp Lever

Hinge Clamp - Black [more]

Brompton Hinge Clamp Plate
$6.99 - $8.99

Hinge Clamp Plate [more]

Brompton Inner Tube
$6.99 - $8.99

16-inch inner tube with Schrader valve. - Choose from 28mm (28-349) or 37mm (37-349) widths [more]

Brompton Cable Fender Disc Front For Version E

Cable fender disc - Front (for E version only). [more]

Brompton Front Wheel Axle Cable Fender Loop For P Type With 3 Or 6 Speed

Cable guide for use on Sturmey Archer equipped P-type bikes. [more]

Brompton Rear Lamp Bracket

Replacement lamp bracket only. - Choose L/E or R version [more]

Brompton 3-Spline Sprocket

Replacement sprockets. - Choose from 3-speed (1/8") or 6-speed (3/32") [more]

Brompton 9-Spline Sprocket

Replacement sprocket. - Choose from 12T, 13T, or 16T [more]

Brompton Handle Bar Catch Kit

Handle bar catch set complete including spring, nipple, and fasteners. [more]

Brompton Rack Stay Forward

Rear Rack Stay Forward with Dyno-Bracket [more]

Brompton Right Non-Folding Pedal
$9.99 - $14.99

Pedal - Non folding - RH (Silver) [more]

Brompton Saddle Height Insert

Customizable insert to create a lower stopping position for those who do not fully extend their seat post. Comes with full instructions. Tools required: - Scissors - 5mm Allen key [more]

Brompton Seatpost Stopper Bung

Replacement seat post bung [more]

Brompton Suspension Block

Replacement suspension block. - Choose desired firmness: Standard, or Firm [more]

Brompton 3-Spline Double Sprocket Set

Sprocket/Disc Set - 13T/15T - 3/32" - SRAM 6-SPD [more]

Brompton 9-Spline Sprocket Set

Sprocket/Disc Set 13T, 3/32": BWR 3-SPD (Wide Ratio) [more]

Brompton Chain

Replacement chains in various lengths and widths. Includes PowerLink. [more]

Brompton Grips

Update your Brompton with new black grips. Fits M/H-Type handlebars. Suitable adhesive must be used. Not compatible with 2017 bikes. [more]

Brompton Rain-Resistant Cover

Rain-resistant rain covers come in different sizes to fit different bags. - Choose from five bag options - Hi-vis green color [more]

Brompton Rear Reflector with Bracket Assembly

Rear Reflector with Bracket Assembly [more]

Brompton Spoke And Nipple Set
$14.99 - $49.99

Spoke/Nipple Set [more]

Brompton Strap For T Bag

Detachable Carry Strap for T-Bag [more]

Brompton Brakepad Inserts And Cartridge Holders Pair

Pair Fibrax Pads & Holders, LH/RH [more]

69 Results
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