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Consignment 56cm Colnago C40 B-Stay in the Geo paint scheme
Following it’s release in 1994, the C40 was ridden to victory in some of cycling’s biggest races. Most notably 5 wins in Paris Roubaix – over the roughest road surfaces found in professional racing. The C40 name originates from ‘C’ for Carbon and ’40’ in recognition of Colnago’s 40th anniversary. It was in production for approximately 10 years (1994 – 2004). In an interview with Ernesto Colnago, the C40 was listed as one of his favorite bikes. Indeed, year after year when members of the pro-peloton were asked what bike they would most like to ride, the overwhelming choice has been the C40 and it's successor Carbon lug frames including the C50, C59, C60 and the current C64. We could go on and on. What distinguishes this frame is the Geo paint scheme, hand painted by desperate Tuscan artisans, and out of production since they last went on strike for relief from lives of seemingly impossible detail. This frame comes with a complete, pre-ultra torque Chorus grupo, Real Design wheels, ultra-cool Cinelli RAM integrated handle bar/stem and a slightly damaged Fizik Aliante saddle. There is minor damage to the finish. Sold as-is and without warranty, for more information we can be reached at 503-699-8665 or
Consignment 54cm Calfee Luna Pro
Smaller & thicker tubes, leads to a stronger, more durable frame. The Luna was conceived as a model to compete with the bigger brands. The amazing Luna, built by Calfee at our headquarters in California, retails for less than frames made offshore in China and Taiwan. Still, it shares the workmanship, hand crafting and ride quality of our more expensive frames; 85% of the performance for 50% of the cost. For more information call us at 503-699-8665 or email us at
Consignment 61cm Litespeed Vortex, Campagnolo Athena 11 speed
This rather large bicycle was owned and lovingly maintained by local racing legend Robert Burney, This thoroughbred represents the pinnacle of titanium bicycle construction. Built of cold-worked 6Al/4V titanium (a stronger alloy than the more common 3Al/2.5V and further strengthened by the cold working [shaping of the tubes, which is easiest to see in the curved seatstays]), the frame allows a total bike weight below 17 pounds. Climb on and go, and most surprising is that this featherweight frame also provides jaw-dropping performance. Sprint, climb, hammer, spin and you’ll swear the bike is alive, reacting to every pedal stroke, helping you. It’s the combination of a frame material that has a springy, “alive” quality and Litespeed’s craftsmanship. Working with titanium since the 1940s, they figured out ways to optimize the handling and ride of their bikes by manipulating the tube shapes to provide only the best characteristics. You feel the effect of these shaped tubes right away. The Vortex sings as you spin down the road, iIt’s like having your own tailwind along for every ride. It’s hard to put a price on such a magical ride. The crazy thing is, it’s race-ready, but at the same time, the ride is velvety-smooth. You can get almost Vortex-like performance and approach its weight in other frames such as oversize-aluminum models, but you can pay a price for it in a rigid, unforgiving ride. On the Vortex, you glide over rough roads and finish long days much more relaxed. While these traits set the Vortex apart from other dream rigs, all frames made of titanium offer another wonderful perk: the magic metal won’t rust or corrode and is impressively dent-resistant. You can ride for hours in the rain on bad roads, and while you might trash your components, with just a little soap and suds, the frame will be perfect again. And say you don’t get around to cleaning the bike right away (about the worst thing you can do after a rainy ride)? The Vortex is completely unfazed by the elements. So, while the Vortex was one of the more expensive road bikes available. Considering that it rides like the wind it’s named after and should outlast a dozen lesser road rockets, it could prove to be the best and last money you ever spend on a dream machine. I’ve ridden dozens of top-line road bikes and liked many of them a lot. But, the Vortex is a keeper, one of the most enjoyable racers I own and still the one I ride the most. This consignment bike comes as-is and without warranty. If you would like further information we can be reached at or 503-699-8665
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