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Dario's Frames and his Paint:

We spent a great deal of time and energy chasing down everything we could find about Dario and his frames, his children.  Unsurprisingly there is a lot.  He has been perfecting the bicycle frame since beginning his apprentiship with Luigino Milani in 1975:  he has been very busy.  However, since "perfecting the bicycle frame" also involves a lot of great music and knowing great musicians, traveling to interesting places and meeting interesting people, fine food and generally having a good time, we don't feel too badly for him.  It is clear that in Dario's case, great art comes as a consequence of living a great life. Meanwhile:

There is a lot of Dario Pegoretti to write about and this is a website, not a New Yorker article.  We have tried to stay focused and to offer just what you might want while making the perfectly reasonable decision to own one of Dario's children.  We have divided everything up as follows: 

Links to Resumes of Pegoretti Frame Models and photos of frames currently in stock:

Links to Pegoretti Errata Which We Found Interesting:



Most of Lakeside Bicycles inventory of Pegoretti frames as of 15 July 2023

Detailed photos of our complete inventory are available at: Lakeside Pegoretti Inventory

Dario Pegoretti during his days as a bicycle racer.

When asked which frame is his favorite, Dario replied "Sono tutti i miei figli", "They are all my children".  His son seems to understand and is comfortable with his steel and aluminum siblings.