Now YOU can do something about dangerous drivers!

We have not carried out any kind of statistical evaluation, however we at Lakeside Bicycles are performing more and more frequent post crash damage estimates for cyclists who have been hit by cars. Frequent features of these interactions include: Motorist using their cell phone, Motorist "didn't see" or was indifferent to the cyclist, Motorist was trying to "scare" the cyclist, and (tragically) the cyclist did something bone-headed. Lakeside bicycles is the go-to place to evaluate damage to your bicycle, prepare an estimate for the insurance company, and fix or replace your bicycle. On the other hand we are not lawyers and have no place offering any kind of legal advice. Fortunately your friends at Swanson, Thomas, and Coon have placed a variety of bicycle articles on their website addressing subjects ranging from "2006 Oregon Law on Crosswalks", to "Dangerous Neighborhood Cranks and What to do About Them", to "Bicycles and the Law: Accidents and Insurance". There is also a juicy little number called "Action Pamphlet #1: Do-It-Yourself Guide to Citizen Initiation of Violation Proceedings " Even George deserves legal council(We LOVE that one). This guy gets legal council, so should you.