The bicycle you bought, and especially where you have it serviced, has a huge impact on your safety, comfort, and how much fun you have riding: 

Bicycles embody fun and technological sophistication beyond the dreams of other products.  Your bicycle must be able to travel safely at high speeds under demanding conditions.  To perform at their best, bicycles require careful maintenance by competent and trained bicycle mechanics.

Allowing the professionals at Lakeside Bicycles to maintain your loyal steed guarantees a lengthy relationship free from worry or unfortunate surprises: Below is a list of our basic repair packages, their descriptions, and their prices.


Quick tune/Check Over - $40

For bikes in excellent condition or that need a quick pre-ride or race check. includes:

inflating tires, quick shifting and brake check with minor adjustment, along with lubing of chain and fastener check.*

Standard Tune Up - $85

For bikes needing a routine service includes:

light cleaning of bike, adjustment of shifting, brakes, bearings, truing of wheels/rotors, lubing of chain and cables, and fastener check.*

Major Tune Up - $130

For bicycles in need of a bit more love and care.  Includes everything in the standard Tune Up plus completely cleaning the drive train (includes removal and re-installation of the crankset, cassette or freewheel, and chain)*

Complete Overhaul - $275

For the bicycle in need of a complete face-lift and a new lease on life.  Includes:

a complete dis-assembly of the bike and re-assembly into as-like-new condition as humanly possible. 

  • Rebuild and repack all bearings (hubs, headset, bottom bracket, derailleur pulleys)
  • Replace all cables and housing
  • remove, inspect, re-install, and adjust derailleurs, brakes, fork
  • torque all fasteners
  • check frame alignment
  • includes a 30-day tune up (just like a new bike)*

Price includes labor to re-wrap bars and replace brake pads as needed.  Price does not include replacement cables, housing, brake pads, bar wrap, any sealed bearings.

Single Speed Tune - $45
It's a single speed, what could possibly go wrong? The price includes everything from a standard tune less all the bits and pieces not found on a single speed.*
Wheel Build - $60 to $80
Your new wheel will be lovingly assembled by master craftspersons out of the finest available bits and pieces (with a heavy preference for Mavic rims and Phill Wood spokes).  Every imaginable spoke length is available because my wife bought me a Phill Wood spoke cutter for my birthday 20 years ago.

(If you insist we use your old rim or spokes and it just isn't happening we are going to charge you for the extra time)

Urgent Care - $50

 If you absolutely, positively have to have your work done right now we will guarantee your job the next day (baring problems getting parts) but we will charge you a little extra to cover the overtime.

Wherever possible we will offer to perform minor repairs while-you-wait.  The urgent care surcharge is only added for items like wheel builds or other major services.

additional, because that level of service deserves recognition and because someone is going to get overtime.

Tube/Tire Install - $10, except for high pressure BMX tires or BMX wheels with pegs (you know who you are) for which we charge $20
This does not include installation of sew up or tubular tires.

* Parts are extra.  Additional labor will incur additional charges.  Additional labor includes time spent freeing frozen parts such as fasteners, tires, tubes, stems or seat posts, etc., time spent digging through layers of hardened crud, time spent trying to salvage worn out/used parts such as handle bar tape, that kind of thing.  Costs for rags and lubes are included in the basic charge.