Top 10 Reasons To Place Your Order Online
And Pick It Up At Lakeside Bicycles

10. Our website's "Advanced Search Tool" was designed the same crack team of data processing experts who designed the Boeing 787 (except for the battery) and it is powered by the smiles of small children.
Look at all that cat. So big you can hardly see the bikes!9.  Yet another excuse to visit the cat.
8. Like Chinese food, you can now get your bike parts to go, AND you will be hungry for more an hour later.
7. Constant visits to your (mysteriously) un-purchased dream bike will validate the voice in your head which has been trying for years to convince you that "Your children can always get an education, while that Pegoretti design only comes along once in a lifetime".

I needed tubes, gloves and... and... and... 6. By ordering ahead you won't forget anything!
5. Impress your significant other with your efficiency while maintaining "plausible deny-ability"!
We have LOTS of jerseys to choose from!4. You'll have time to find the perfect jersey and still make the shop ride!

3.  We'll have time to carefully pack your bag so your cyclo-computer won't get smashed between your econo-size energy drink can, your 37 close-out chains and, and ..... This is foolish.  Nothing we sell is heavy enough to smash a cycling-computer.
2.  Think of the money you might otherwise have spent on housing, food or Amazon!
Ah! Lakeside.
Every on-line purchase can now lead to a visit to your favoritest people in the world at the bestest bike shop in the known universe where we stock a hand picked selection of hard-to-find top-drawer bike stuff the likes of which can only be imagined anywhere else!

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