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Surly, wierd solutions to cycling's every day problems. In stock at Lakeside Bicycles

We were wandering around YouTube.  Minding our own business without a care in the world when we stubbed our big toe on Surly's library.  It was pretty bad.  It hurt a LOT!  After a brief visit to the Emergency Room we decided that, as a public service, we ought to warn the public:

  Remember:  ALWAYS wear closed toe shoes when you are at YouTube. 

It is all fun and games until someone breaks a toe.

This video hurt a lot too:

This one made us feel short: short in stature.  Short of time.  Short of luck....

After watching this one we began to develop serious doubts about our decision to quit Vaudeville:

There are seventeen or eighteen of these things now and, unless someone spays or neuters them, more on the way.  Just search YouTube for 'Surly Bikes'.  You will save some time if you pre-book your visit to the emergency room.