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Surly, wierd solutions to cycling's every day problems. In stock at Lakeside Bicycles

For a look at Surly's Massive Catalog,  or a String Of Mind-Bendingly Odd Videos, Click On!

Surly manufactures and sells functional bicycles and components that are both environmentally sound and weirdly fun.  Are you looking for a bicycle trailer large enough to transport the front end of  your Canadian Vaudeville Act cross country?   Try the Bill Trailer.  Planning on a solo assault on K2?  The Long Haul Trucker is probably just the thing for you.  Maybe you are commuting in the rain and would like some small hope of stopping at will?  The Disk Trucker is just the ticket.  Whether your cup of tea is Cyclo Cross, Fat Tire Bikes, Single Speed or just low impact stylish transportation, you have come to the right place:  Surly has your back.