Lynskey titanium. Made in the U.S.A. Sold in the Portland area at Lakeside Bicycles in down town Lake Oswego

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 In the market for titanium?  look no further.  Foolish enough to be thinking of "The Last Bicycle I Will Ever Need", titanium is the wonder metal.  Lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum, a properly fabricated titanium bicycle will last virtually forever, is easy (for the Lynskeys) to repair and gives up nothing in performance or comfort to carbon, steel, aluminum, (shudder) banboo or whatever materials perversion you happen to plan on turning into a bike-like object.

The Lynskeys have been building high quality titanium stuff for demanding customers since before the "Dawn of Time"  and are widely considered the most prominent family in the field of titanium.  Seriously, there may be someone out there who knows as much about titanium bicycles as the Lynskey's dog Rambo, I just haven't met them yet.   As for the rest of the family?