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New Technologies for a New Colnago:

Introducing the C68

C68 Road Carbon HRBK SRAM RedOf the entire Colnago range the model which revolutionizes the concept of 'handmade in Italy', while its DNA and the concept of multiple parts is maintained.  In the future the C68 will be available in three versions:  Road, Allroad, and Gravel all of which will share the same, totally new soul based on performance while also maximizing rider enjoyment.  Clean design, integration and modernity are at the core of the project.

The c68 Road will also be availble in a limited edition version employing 3D printed titanium parts intended for an even more exclusive and technologically-oriented audience.

There are even rumors that "someday" there will be the option of a "made-to-measure" frame:  the widest range of choices and customization options in the Colnago world.

Colnago C68 Geometry vs. Colnago C64 Geometry:

Colnago C68 Logo HTBK

Colnago C68 Geometry Chart

Colnago C64 Geometry Chart

Colnago:  Model C and Model V:

Colnago C68 Road Carbon in HRWPColnago has a unique peculiarity compared to many other bicycle brands, having two families of products dedicated to two different types of consumpers:  model 'C' and model 'V'.

Model C, The "classic" Colnago model, handmade in Italay according to tradition and intended for those who love bicycles with a unique and exclusive design. 'C' like Colnago, carbon, Cambiago, class.

The Model V is an uncompromising race bike.  It is the model dedicated to racing, the bike that won the previous two editions of the Tour de France.  Monocoque, aerodynamic, rigid, very high performance, a bike to win:  'V' for victory, , 'V' for Velocita (speed).

The C68 Platform:

The new Colnago C68 in the HRWH color built with Campagnolo Super Record EPS disc and Bora WTO Ultra wheelsAside from it's stunning new design, the biggest news for the "C" series is that it is now a family eventually to be available in three versions:  Road, Allroad, and Gravel.

The first, available now, is classically oriented to pure road performance.  The second will broaden the hroizons to dirt roads thnks to the ability to mount wider diameter tires. Finally, the classic Gravel version will be intended for genuine off-road drop bar cycling.

In all there will be 18 sizes across the different models:  7 Road (available in both disc-brake and rim-brake- the planned for a late autum 2022 release), 6 Allroad (disc only, also planned for an autum 2022 release), and 5 Gravel (disc only, planned for a winter 2022 release).

Colnago C68, the frame and other technical features in five parts:

Colnago C68 HTBK frame and fork

Part 1:

The C68 is made using a modular structure wich is at the heart of the project and integral to it's excellence.  Gluing the various parts of the frame, insted of assembling them inside a mold as with monocoque frames, allowes flexibility that allows for more sizes even including a "made to measure" frame thanks to titanium parts.

The number of parts that constitute the frame is the same as the prevous "C" series frames, even though, from an asthetic point of view, it's lines are more similar to the more common monocoque designs.  This choice was dictated by the quest for a more modern look, but always remining true to the traditional Colnago customer, while at the same time broadening the appeal of Colnago "C" frames.


The C64 esthetic vs. the new C68

Part 2:

Focusing on the design rationale, we used to build frames with lugs and straigh/simple tubes.  The C68 is designed with tubes and lugs together, in order to reach the same target of lugged construction we can reduce the number of joints.

This new cmethod of construction enhances the custom sizing option, we can now slide up or down the top tube on the steere/downtube, ofering custom reach and stack.  In the previous "C" assmeblies reach was limited by the fixed headtube lug stack.

With the titanium option we are no longer limited to adjustments of a few milimeters and 0.x angles, but can accomodate extreme options.

There are still visible joints in the C68, the upper head tube and the seatpost clamp areas for example, which harken back to the new frame's roots, while the other joints are kept invisible creating an entirely new esthetic. 

Colnago C68, the frame and other technical features: Part 3Part 3:

Why a lugged/multipiece frame instead of a monocoque design?

Obvioiusly, to begin with, it is impossible to offer custom sizing in a monocoque frame, but there are a few more important advantages to a lugged manufactureing method:

  • We can better control the lamination process since the molds are smaller reducing the number of individual carbon components.
  • We can use different, proprietary technologies to achieve higher, more controlled pressure during the manufacture of each part; not an option in monocoque construction.
  • We can be smarter in tuning the final product to match more precise design targets.

Colnago C68, the frame and other technical features: Part 4Part 4:

Some noteworthy differences from the C64: 

  • The C68 is now built with a T47 bottom bracket which has been merged with the seat tube. 
  • The top tube now incorporates the lugs connecting it with the seat tube and steering tube.
  • While the lugs are integral in the full carbon version, the titanium alloy lugged version comes in two parts allowing for custom geometries.
  • The C68 is more laterally rigid especially about the head tube resulting in more prcise handling than earlier "C" frames.

Colnago C68, the frame and other technical features: Part 5Part 5:

The process of refining the C68 goes beyond the basic frame and includes an improved, lighter and more laterally rigid fork and an innovative new cable routing which, thanks to the shape of the new head tube eliminates the more complex "D" shape of the C64.

Continuing with the front of the frame, there is now an integrated, ten-function, multitool placed directly inside the steering cap (a four-function tool for the two smallest sized frames).  In a nod to consistency where innovation offers no bennefits, the C68 shares it's seatpost shape with the C64 and V3Rs.  Finally the C68 allows the removal of the front derailleur hanger in the event a single chainring gruppo is installed.

The 485 sized frame weighs in at 925 grams for the carbon lugged frame and 935 grames for the titanium alloy lugged frame.

Colnago C68 Road Carbon TitaniumC68 with Titanium Alloy Lugs:

The C68 will not only be available in a classic full carbon version, but also in a limited edition with titanium alloy lugs.  For this option Colnago will be collaborating with a leading Italian manufacturer of custom medical devices resulting in a leval of preciession previously unheard of in the design and production of bicycle frames.

Why Titanium?  Titanium is the most robust, versitile 3D printable material and is one of the few materials which are naturally compatible with carbon fiber.  The printed parts/lugs will allow practially unlimited options which means that the C68 Titanium will be available as a true custom, "Made to measure" frame. 

Why a full carbon frame?  With all of it's advantages, the C68 Titanium is significantly more expensive and production volumes signficantly smaller than the carbon lugged frame.  For the rider who prefers the full carbon esthetic or who doesn't feel that they will bennefit from the advantages of the titanium frame, Colnago will continue to offer a full carbon option.

Colnago C68 introduces the T47 Bottom Bracket standardT47 Bottom Bracket:

The C68 features the stiff, secure, and adaptable T47 Pressfit bottom bracket standard.

Colnago first introduced a threaded, oversized bottom bracket eight years ago with the C60.  Called Threadfit 82.5, it featured an 82.5mm wide, 45mm threaded sleeve set which was initially just a sleeve to be used with a common pressfit solution.  Before long it was adapted as a true threaded system attracting bottom brackets from the likes of CeramicSpeed and Tripeak.

Soon after, the T47 was introduced mirroring the T45 with a slightly larger diameter.  Rather than burden the industry with two standards, Colnago made the decision to adopt the T47 for their current and future frames.

The new Colnago CC.01 monocoque handlebar/stem and size chart

CC.01 Integrated Handlebar:

Along with the C68 frame, Colnago is introducing a dedicated handlebar/stem, the new CC.01.  Typically integrated handlebars/stems are built using several pieces of carbon which are then glued together.  The CC.01 is made of a single, monocoque piece of carbon resulting in improved strength and reduced weight. 

At the same time the decision was made to allow the CC.01 to limit fit options.  As a result Colnago invested in 16 molds for four different width options (370, 390, 410, and 430mm center to center top) and seven different stem lengths (80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, and 140mm).

The new Colnago CC.01 monocoque handlebar/stemThe CC.01 has a relatively long reach, a compact drop, and a decent flare, but no outsweep.  The drops have a 2cm flare (the 410mm becomes 430mm at the bottom) with the exception of the 370 which has 14mm of flare.   The reach is 80mm (75mm for the 370mm), and the drop is 122mm (119mm for the 370mm).  The stem angle is 84 degrees.

The wider base at the drops improves bike control on descents, while simultaneously addressing the modern demand for narrower bars at the hoods for improved aerodynamics.

The width at the hoods is reduced by 1cm compared to more traditional bars.  The increasing the reach from the more traditional 75mm on compact bars, to 80mm creates a more "into the bike" position on descents and a larger flat surface behind the hoods for increased comfort.  The Colnago CC.01 is designed for modern wireless and wired electronic groupsets while maintaining compatibility with external routing and rim brakes. 

The new Colnago CC.01 monocoque handlebar/stem and computer mount

Why go through the bother of developing a new handlebar?  Several reasons:

  • The Colnago CC.01 handlebar is lighter than typical integrated bar/stems optimized for internal wiring (310g for the 110/410)
  • The minimal painting look has been chosen for reduced weight:  the handlebar will be available in a single color version with glossy black grahpics on a matt black finish.
  • The CC.01 has been aerodynamically optimized.
  • The Colnago CC.01 is backwards compatible with the C64 and  VSRs models, both rim and disc, mechanical and electronic.

The Colnago CC.01 will have a dedicated computer mount with a "GoPro style" bayonet and two different lengs to support campatibility with Barmin, Wahoo, Bryton, and Hammerhead.

The handlebar kit is completed by the dedicated spacer kit, the steering cap containg a bespoke multitool, and an optional cap which will allow adjustment of the fork height prior to cutting.

All of that said, and as per Colnago's tradition of maintaining maximum backward compatibility for every type of athlete, the new C68 remains compatible with any 31.8mm diameter handlebar using retractable cables employing the Deda Superbox stem as well as the integrated Deda Alanera handlebar. 

CeramicSpeed SLT Headset with Lifetime Warranty:

CeramicSpeed SLT Headset with Lifetime GuaranteeThe C68 features a CeramicSpeed SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) headset guaranteed for life, simplifying maintenance and reducing costs over the long term.  The headset is composed of two identical bearings, made by CeramicSpeed and employing SLT technology.  By isolating the balls from damage inside the solid lubricating system Colnago and CeramicSpeed can offer a lifetime warranty on the bearings.  Replacing bearings on a fully integrated cable bicycle can take two or three hours of a skilled mechanic's time as well as any replacement costs for parts, none of which should ever be an issue with the C68.

The cockpit also integrates a neat multitool under  the stem cap.  While the tool itself can easily be removed to save a few grams, it's carrier is actually a structural part of the fork, and can be replaced with a Colnago long fork expander.  As the flush nature of the stem cap requires that the fork be precisely cut at the correct length for the rider's optimal position, an adaptor kit is provided, with spacers above the stem for use while fitting.

Blockchain Technology: Drawing-Room Boorishness for the 21st Century Cyclist

How Does The Colnago Blockchain System Work?

  • An NFC tag is installed on the C68, inextricably linked to the frame, that allows access to information in the digital passport of the bicycle, whoes data is saved in the blockchain via the Colnago app for iOS / Android smartphones.
  • The digital passport enables the owner to have the information about the bicycle or bicycles within reach of the Ap at any time, which are collected, rationalied, and available in the dedicated "Vault", thus automating the conservation and eliminating the possiblilty of loss of the certificate or paper certificates over time.
  • Access is guaranteed to the owner through the use of the Colnago Smart Card, to be brought close to the smartpone for access.
  • This makes it possible to track and maintain an up-to-date history of the bicycle or bicycles owned.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Why the Blockchain?

Something or other to do with the Colnago BlockchainHaven't you had enough?

  • To maintain and guarantee the value of the C68 over time, guaranteeing in an unequivocal and unalterable way the information related to the C68 to which the blockchain data is associated.
  • To dematerialize the paper certificate of authenticity and make it digital, through the use of the only technology capable of making the data inviolable (neither modifiable nor rewritable) and guaranteeing the passage of bicycle information between subsequent owners through a dedicated, counterfeit proof process
  • To offer the Colnago customer an endless supply of new services with high added value, which will be inexorably developed and proposed progressively.
  • ....Damn, but this is exciting!

Which Information?

As though Blockchains weren't torment enough, now we add NFTs!Now you've done it....

  • Authenticity of the bicycle and frame
  • Certification of ownership of the bicycle and frame
  • Certification of the technical specifications of the bicycle as per original purchase
  • Unique multimedia contents of the processing phases of the purchased bicycle (starting from the second half of 2022)
  • 3D NFT (Non Fungible Token)....Oh Dear God, not that!... file of the purchased bicycle, associated with the blockchain wallet, with the same fundamental characteristics as the bicycle (model, color, description, and components).  There will, therefore, be a one-to-one association between the physical asset and it's NFT, available ONLY for the bikes designed on the Colnago app / website.  The NFT will not be available for stock colors purchased without going through the configuration process.
  • Certification of participation in selected and exclusive official events in which the bicycle will take part (starting rom the second half of 2022)

C68 and Blockchain:  how does the process work?

The slightly automated Colnago C68 Blockchain and NFT configurator processDamn, these people are incorrigible!

  1. On the Colnago app / website you can create infinite versions of a C68 at no charge using our latest generation 3D configurator, the Studio, and it's integrated AR function
  2. In order to save you model(s) you must register on the Colnago app / website.  Each configuration can be purchased seperatly
  3. At the end of the pruchase process, the 3D file with the configuration is transferred to the IPFS decentralized file system (the same rules as for the blockchain) to become an.....please....Nooo!....NFT, ready to be delivered at the end of the process when the bicycle is finally in your hot little hands. The NFT will be available ONLY for the bicycles designed via the Studio 3D configurator in the Colnago app / website
  4. Simultaneously, the Colnago manufactory in Cambiago is notified of the sale and the process of making the bicycle begins
  5. Once the design process is completed and submitted, the frame is produced, painted, assembled and delivered in between 90 and 180 days.
  6. In production, painting and assembly phases, Colnago will create multimedia contents (i.e.a video of the Colnago factory worker assembling the specific bicycle, starting from the second half of 2022) dedicated to the single bicycle / frame that will be recorded in the blockchain.
  7. The tag is applied to the down tube of the frame at the end of the painting phase, after having passed the internal quality controls.  At this point the frame is ready to enter the assembly line
  8. At the end of assembly, the tag is activated certifying the production
  9. At this point, the bicycle is delivered to the production manager for the last quality check.  It is at this time that all specifications have to be notarized in the blockchain and are rechecked and saved in the blockchain as a Digital Identity to become inviolable and un-modifiable.  The bicycle is now ready to lave the Cambiago factory and be delivered to the rider.
  10. The bicycle is now delivered together wit a kit containing the Colnago Smart Card ready for activation
  11. Using their mobile phone, the customer must enter the Colnago app and access the "activation function" for their bicycle which will guide them in the following steps:
  • The Colnago SmartcardInitialization of the Colnago Smart Card through detection of the NFC antenna on the card
  • Secure registration of their profile using the Colnago SmartCard and an ID document.  A third-party certifier will validate the identiy of the owner
  • Save your passphrase:  It is a security feature on the first access to the wallet and it is essential for reconfiguring access on a new mobile device
  • Claiming the bike:  thanks to detection of the NVC antenna located on the frame near the bottom of the down tube bottle holder (the mobile device must be equipped with NFC technology. In the event of difficulty reading the signal, it is recommended to check the positioning of the sensor in the mobile device).  The smart card allows association of only one bicycle to a given customer, after which it can only be used to access the wallet for that bicycle/customer combination.
  • At the end of the process the association will be notarized in the blockchain

   12.  At this point the data on the blockchain is complete--enjoy your ride!

Other, equally confusing C68 and Blockchain details:

What are the additional benefits guaranteed by Colnago's blockchain technology?

  • Automatic activation of warranty extension
  • Possibility of extending the guarantee to a second owner
  • Automatic registration with the colnago Owner's Club which guarantees a series of immediate benefits which will be added to over time (e.g. buying exclusive items from the colnago website)

Change of ownership

  • The digital passport of the C68 will enable the orderly transfer of ownership (beginning in the second half of 2022), establishing "trust" between the partis in the event of a sale and maintining value over time.  The system works through a verification process which, among other things, has been structured to preview information during the purchase and sale of the bicycle.
  • The meticulous tagging of the asset, carried out in phases, by those authorized to do so, in order to guarantee the authenticity of the C68 and that it is being purchased from it's actual owner

What happens if the owner aquires a new mobile device?

  • If the registering mobile device is lost or replaced access to the wallet will no longer be granted until the Colnago app is downloaded and the the transfer is mitigated by the passphrase generated at the initial registration.  In the event the passphrase is lost or forgotten, Colnago's customer care must be contacted.

What happens if the bicycle is stolen?

  • Beginning the second half of 2022 the app will include a function enabling the owner to report the theft.  The owner will need to provide a copy of a police report.  From that moment the bicycle will be marked as stolen in the Colnago system and no further events can be recorded on it such as a change of ownership.  If the bicycle is recovered within 6 months, the owner can remove the block.  If not, the blockchain asset will be irreversibly blocked.