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Bianchi Road Bikes: Head and shoulders above the rest, available at Lakeside Bicycles


X-TeX - Cross Weave

- Bianchi’s unique process where carbon strips are molded into the carbon structure of the head tube and the bottom bracket area.
- Provides increased torsional rigidity and reduced weight.
- Supplies the rider with our highest level of acceleration and steering response in a frame.

WMP - Wrinkleless Molding Process

- Wrinkles in the carbon fiber material affect the weight, strength and ride characteristic of the bike.
- By pre-tuning the sheets of carbon fiber, Bianchi WMP carbon frames are void of excess material and resin.

CNTT - Carbon Nano Tube Tech

- The ultimate evolution of nano-technology.
- Carbon nano tubes exhibit extraordinary strength. When combined with epoxy resin and nano-powder (the base of nanotechnology) provide an increase of fracture resistance by 49% when compared to standard resin and 20% greater than carbon nano tech.

CNT - Carbon Nano Tech

- Nano scaled particles are added to the resin during the manufacturing process.
- Reduces microscopic gaps between resin and the fibers; creating a shear strength increase of 27% over standard resin construction.

THT - Triple Hydroformed Technology

- Utilized at the top tube and head tube.
- The tubes are welded together after initial hydroforming then inserted into another hydroforming mold and reshaped through the same process.
- Provides a clean monocoque appearance while increasing the strength and steering response of the frame.


- The combination of Bianchi Active Technology and Kevlar Vibration Isolating Device, allow us to tune the stiffness and compliance of the frame and fork.
- Integration of BAT for the rear triangle and K-Vid for the fork and seat stay tips.
- Improved shock absorption and wheel adherence on the road.

UTSS – Ultra Thin Seat Stay

- Improved shock absorption and impact resistance.
- Reduced frame weight.
- Power transmission is now focused through the chain stays, leaving the seat stays as a compliant support structure.stays as a compliant support structure