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Some Thoughts About Service In The E-Bike Age:

At Lakeside Bicycles we have been enthusiastic advocates of e-Bikes since before they were "e-Bikes".  Our service manager has more than 12 years experience with that category, and we would dearly love to have the opportunity to service your electric-assist steed...

Alas, in a product world where much of the complexity is locked away inside sealed containers, completely inaccessible for service and where pretty much the entire industry is completely free from even minimal regulation, the question of whether or not Lakeside Bicycles can (or will) service a particular e-Bike has become increasingly fraught

And So, A Few Observations: 

Because many direct to consumer e-Bikes are of unpredictable quality, and due to the increasing frequency of e-Bike battery related fires (over 450 in New York City alone), Lakeside Bicycles absolutely will not store off-brand* e-Bike batteries overnight. 

The design of many e-Bikes entails so many compromises in order to support rider and motor that even basic services such as flat tire repair are proving to be far more complicated and time consuming than with conventional bicycles.  Because of this Lakeside Bicycles now charges a 50% labor premium for servicing e-Bikes.

Lakeside Bicycles has always refused service in instances where we are not confident that the resulting vehicle can be operated safely.  In the case of e-Bikes, this means that there are an increasing number of brands which we simply do not service under any circumstances. Due to the rapidity with which brands and models are entering and leaving the market, we are unable to ascertain which e-Bikes we are able to service without first laying hands on the product in question.

In Conclusion:

While Lakeside Bicycles very much wishes to service your e-bike, until there is some consistent safety regulation in place, we will need to evalute the servicability of each e-bike on a case by case basis, and there will be instances when we will decline service entirely.  Safety Before Commerce!

*An "off-brand" e-bike is one from un-recognized, obscure, or inferior brand