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Colnago, the worlds best bicycles designed and made in Italy


Dario Pegoretti
For more about Pegoretti BicyclesDario Pegoretti's Biography,  a Look at The Pegoretti Catalog, or link to  All the current designs and colors in Dario's own words at his website , Click on!

"If steel wanted to race on a steel bike, it would buy this."

I am in the fortunate position of riding whatever bicycle I choose.  Over the past 45 years I have owned and ridden many of the most beautiful and exotic bicycles ever to grace the planet and, with regards to bicycles, I am right there with Candid:  it is the best of all possible worlds.  My custom Pegoretti is a stunning, superb riding example of modern TIG welding that gives up nothing when compared to the finest lugged steel or carbon frames on the planet. 
If you love bicycles and have never owned a Pegoretti, if you love art and have never owned a Pegoretti, if you love fine engineering and have never owned a Pegoretti, please don't waste a moment.  You owe yourself a Pegoretti.   So much of fulfillment is only a bicycle frame away.